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An outsourcing subscription service made to help you
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On-Demand Operations Team

Departmental leaders get our help executing workflows wherever there are gaps in their staffing capacity. Where do you need more people-power?

Manage any sales ops task, like generating 1,000 leads / week
Find talent, manage interviews, and/or update your ATS
Update all your old spreadsheets to a new template

A Management Dream

Unlike working with freelancers, temporary staff, or interns, you don't have to do the management work. We hire teams, scope work, and manage results. All you have to do is tell us what you need, one time, over video, text, or email.

Top-notch team hired
Training, growth, and certifications managed
Quality control and improvement

Work Done Your Way

Unlike fully automated solutions or experts, we do the work the way you do it. Which means we get the results you want. Have a bigger impact. Get your time back.

Reduce your overhead and cost of operations
Focus your team on the biggest challenges
20% of your time back

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Meet Kipp

Kipp is an ambitious sales development rep. He got his start at an AI-focused recruiting firm where Invisible helped him generate leads and grow his sales territory.

He recently left the company - and brought Invisible with him. He says Invisible helps him as much as a full-time assistant would.
Generate new leads
Validate contacts
Schedule meetings with prospects
How Will You Use Invisible?

We've got your back.

Our world-class, highly trained, and passionate team is ready to help.

Lead, Kenya
Operator, Ghana
‍Lead, Philippines.
Here are some of the tools we use every day.

What can we do? Here are a few examples.

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Scheduling a Meeting

Have your assistant take charge of scheduling meetings.

Video Demo ⟶

Lead Sourcing

Your assistant can generate a list of leads from multiple sources and following varied parameters, including visual or text based queues, upon request.

Video Demo ⟶

Onboarding a Team Member

Have your assistant set up a new hire's accounts and tools.

Video Demo ⟶

Inventory Upkeep

Keep your online inventory up to date with your assistant's help.

Video Demo ⟶

Verifying a Lead

Have your assistant take over the task of individually verifying leads.

Video Demo ⟶

Research Vendors

Assess a new market or competitors quickly and efficiently using your assistant as a researcher.

Video Demo ⟶

LinkedIn Keyword Search

Your assistant can generate lists from Linkedin based on desired keywords.

Video Demo ⟶

Updating To-Do Lists  

Get your assistant to manage and update Trello to-do lists.

Video Demo ⟶

Sourcing a Specific Email   

Have your assistant hunt down email addresses you need.

Video Demo ⟶

Sending LinkedIn Requests to a List of People   

Have your assistant send personalized LinkedIn invitations to build and strengthen your network.

Video Demo ⟶

Creating and Scheduling Email Blasts

Have your assistant reach out to clients old and new.

Video Demo ⟶

Managing Marketing Subscriptions

Have your assistant create and manage new lists of subscribers.

Video Demo ⟶

Managing Your List of Subscribers

Have your assistant manage your subscription lists.

Video Demo ⟶

Ticket Purchasing

Your assistant can purchase tickets on your behalf.

Video Demo ⟶

Managing a Hiring Funnel

Consolidate your hiring process by having your assistant manage the hiring funnel.

Video Demo ⟶

Creating a Legal Agreement

Your assistant can generate basic legal agreements for you.

Video Demo ⟶

Sending a Legal Agreement

Your assistant can deliver legal documents.

Video Demo ⟶

Signing an Agreement or Workflow

Using digital signage tools, your assistant can sign documents on behalf of your digital identity.

Video Demo ⟶

Maintaining Records in a Spreadsheet

Have your assistant aggregate records in an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

Video Demo ⟶

Transcribing a Text File

Have your assistant transcribe text from scans into a text file.

Video Demo ⟶

Sending a Mail Merge

Send personalized email inquiries to lists of potential contacts via your assistant.

Video Demo ⟶

Labeling Emails in an Inbox

Your assistant can add helpful labels to the emails in your inbox.

Video Demo ⟶

Screening a List of Candidates

Have your assistant screen a list of candidates to find the best fit for the position.

Back Office

Keep your back office on track by delegating tasks that get in the way such as invetory upkeep, sending and receiving documents, and filing expenses.


Upgrade your startup with scalable processes such as market research, customer surveys, and CRM management.


Gain a competitive edge in eCommerce by taking advantage of delegations such as vendor research, product research, and email newsletters.

Executive Assistant

Supercharge your productivity by delegating routine tasks such as scheduling, organizing contacts, or conducting research before meetings.


Build fine-tuned relationships wiith key growth processes like lead generation and sourcing, outreach and follow-up instead of needing to hire Sales and Development Representatives (SDRs).


Build fine-tuned relationships wiith key growth processes like lead generation and sourcing, outreach and follow-up instead of needing to hire Sales and Development Representatives (SDRs).

Share the work. Grow Your Business

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