CEO Marching Orders: Operation Battlecry, Week 11

November 13, 2019
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Francis Pedraza

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Operation: Battlecry, Week 11


The universe loves SPEED. Work on becoming faster at everything that you’re doing, without sacrificing quality or cost. It’s difficult. Sometimes the secret to going faster is going slower. “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” But remember that speed is beautiful, speed is where we want to arrive. We want to strike like lightning, like an eagle from the skies, like a snake in the grass… Pray for speed. Pray for the inspiration to move faster. Practice, practice, practice moving faster, faster, faster. Practice so much, so slowly, that speed becomes effortless. Friction slows you down. Eliminate friction. Look for friction everywhere. Identify it. Problem solves for it. The best way of going faster isn’t going faster, it is often rethinking the problem, or rethinking the solution, or eliminating steps but achieving the same outcome as before. But Speed. Return to Speed. Meditate on Speed. Worship at the altar of Speed. The strongest of the gods cannot catch the fastest of the gods, so who is strongest?


The goal is $110K MRR with >40% gross margins and higher NPS scores.
Speaking of NPS scores, I still don’t know what they’re at, at the top of my head, which means that almost nobody does.
Can somebody please report them every day? Or come up with a better metric?
We need a way of measuring quality!!!

On churn, we need to get gross churn down below 6% a month. Let’s hope we have a good month on that.
On churn, the three best ways to fix our numbers and validate our PMF thesis is:
1 — Supply-side fix. Make the service more innovative, differentiate. Product and ops teams.
2 — Supply-side fix. Make the service better/faster/cheaper, incl. customer service. Product, ops and sales teams.
3 — Demand-side fix. Sign up more mid-cap and enterprise clients so that our ratios change.

Of the 3, we should focus on 3. It’s the easiest fix.
Yeah. But also. Guess what? PMF is a terrible concept. Realize why it is true and why it is a medieval chastity belt for your business mind.

Then focus on getting PMF.

Andrew is focusing on hiring salespeople. Basically everyone is betting on Andrew and his team at this point. No pressure guys. They’re bearing it like a champ. I’m doing my best to help generate pipeline.
Janine is improving our sales copy. We are making progress. We’re going for “love at first email,” really researching prospects and nailing the initial pitch. We’ve come a long way but I see the ability for us to keep improving for weeks. We’re maybe as little as two weeks away from cracking the code on this: minimum viable scalable pitch machine.
Dilip is helping us hire more account directors, engineers, and Janine’s, in that order.

Zach, Joe, Shane, and Scott are working on dashboards and models and systems AFAP >>> we are still flying blind in so many ways!

All of TNG is gearing up to save the rest of the company’s Minas-Tirith ass like the Riders of Rohan, or… they better be — we’re counting on you!

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Francis Pedraza
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