PeopleOps: Evaluation System for Every Agent

September 11, 2019
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Kate Stosick

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Hi team!

TODAY IS THE DAY we are rolling out a brand new comprehensive agent evaluation system.  Brighton got to be my guinea pig and I so appreciated his patience today.  


This system synthesizes quantitative information pulled from quality check feedback in addition to quantitative feedback from each agent's team lead.  

Why do you care?

This gives us a single way to assess how our agents are performing that is rooted in data as well as manager feedback.  It gives us ground to stand on when it comes to promotions, offboarding, pay raises, etc.

How does it work?

For round 1, I'm meeting with each lead and we're walking through this form together.  In the future, leads will complete the evaluation on their own with regular due dates.  Feel free to click through the form and explore, but please don't submit any responses #kthx.  Submissions auto-populate this sheet, which we then use to send an automatic feedback form to each agent with a complete overview of their evaluation.

Why do we love it?

Well, right now I am walking each lead through the process of completing the qualitative eval portion of the system and eventually they will complete these on their own each month.  We love this because of the valuable 1:1 time I am able to spend with each lead in order to discuss the performance of each of their agents.  It gives us a clear picture of what is lacking in training and how we can reach out to Ops teams to provide more support.

High-fives to my training homie, Jen, for helping me make this thing work!

Let me know if you'd like more info on this process / system and I'd be happy to deliver.


Thanks for reading!


Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Kate Stosick
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There's a guest bot-columnist. #GPT-3