Marketing: Landing Pages for Sales Support

August 8, 2019
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Hayley Darden

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  • Hello bullet points

Hi Team!

First, this is my first official deployment email (huzzah!). Sending this to all partners out of bcc for cross-team visibility and, hopefully, your feedback.

What am I writing about?

Marketing launched three new landing pages last week!

What's the point of these pages?

You probably know we're trying to grow sales. You may not know that our first targets are the salespeople, recruiters, and schedulers who spend lots of time building lists and running ops processes every week.

So, what's the point of these pages? If they had a job description, it would be: "Make it easy for a salesperson, recruiter, or scheduler to understand how Invisible can help them achieve their goals so we can grow our sales."

Great. How will we know if these pages are working?

We're thinking about success in two ways:

1) Feedback from the sales team:

  • Jay, Nabeel, Bruno, Atusa, and everyone who either sells to or upsells clients will say things like this: "wow, this made it easier to sell Invisible's services."

2) We capture an increasing number of email addresses from good-fit clients on the website over time.

How can I help you make them better?

Here's an example of some great feedback we heard today in demos: "it'd be awesome to list the tools we use." YES! What a great suggestion. I can't wait to incorporate feedback that into the next version -- and your feedback, too.

What else should we do? Tell marketing here:

What other exciting updates can I expect from Marketing soon?

Much is underway. Including but not limited to what you can look forward to hearing about in a next deployment email: blogs, search-engine optimization, etc. Or, slowly taking over the internet.


Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Hayley Darden
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