Operations: Operations Attendance Policy

August 9, 2019
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Sam Mata

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Hello Invisible!

This week we rolled out the Operations Attendance Policy, below you will find the highlights of this machine and you can review the document and tracking sheet if you would like more information.


  • Points-based attendance tracking system.
  • We have guidelines for actions on managing low and top performers. POT is in sync and will be working closely with the cases that require their engagement.
  • Captures historical attendance performance.
  • Updated real-time daily by the leads and Delivery Managers.
  • Attendance reports are being shared with operations twice per day.

As a result of the establishment of this policy, we have already taken actions that will make us a stronger, better and faster team.

If you have feedback, feel free to use the #opt-attendance channel.

Happy Friday,

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Sam Mata
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