Marching Orders, End of Year

November 17, 2019
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Francis Pedraza

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  • Hello bullet points

We’re at $90K MRR now, plus $10–15K of additional revenue, so $100K.
$120K revenue by EOY was the target.
Unlikely we’ll hit it, too much churn drag, but we’re pushing hard.
Above $110K with a ton of momentum going into January would be good, so let’s try to add $10K.

What’s going on with sales?
— Account Directors > We’re hiring > Candidates in the pipeline, making offers by EOW.
— Outbound Sales > Channel 1 > Invisible sourced the leads. We’re hiring more Sales Writing Specialists (like Janine) to grow outbound.
— Marketing Ads > Channel 2 > Closing data feedback loop. The product built the system. Sales need to fill out the data fields.
— Marketing Content > Channel 3 > We fired our Content/SEO vendor. We’re taking it in house. Hiring writers.

What’s going on with churn?
— Push to tighten account management, systems, analytics, post-mortems and diagnosis
— Push to improve efficiency, new pricing coming out in January, annual contracts alignment
— Push to improve the product itself (Delegation UX <> Process Builder)

“HARD WORK.” Work is hard. And we have to work hard — as in long hours, with intensity, with focus — to make things work. That’s just what it takes to win. Work requires faith that the work will pay off, that the future will be better than the present — and faith is hard. Work is hard because if you’re doing it right, it requires everything you’ve got. Anything less than everything you’ve got isn’t the best performance you can give. Saying that “hard work is important” might seem so obvious that it’s not worth saying. This is a bedrock principle of our culture.

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Francis Pedraza
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