Power Your Sales Process With Outsourced Lead Generation

November 12, 2019
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Jacob Thomas
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What does every company want more of? If you said "customers", you're exactly correct. That's why modern sales folk are under so much pressure to deliver results. Without their hard work, most companies wouldn't be able to grow — at least not at the rates they'd like to.

In order for sales professionals to continually meet and exceed sales quotas, they need a steady stream of potential leads to reach out to.

The problem is, manual lead generation is time-consuming and monotonous. No seller ever said, "I can't wait to scour LinkedIn and find prospects today!" Or, "I'm working overtime this week to find more leads and meet projected sales numbers — lucky me!"

Outsourced lead generation
Outsourced lead generation companies can power up your lead gen efforts.

In this article, we'll show you how to power your sales process with outsourced lead generation services. That way you can record record sales months while reducing the amount of effort you put into finding leads. Sound interesting? Read on to find out more!

Lead Generation Via Business Process Outsourcing

bpo provider
A partnership with a BPO provider might be just what your lead gen efforts need.

For most companies and their sales teams, lead generation is a mandatory activity that must be completed on a regular basis. If it's not, sales will dwindle and the organization will die. Unfortunately, while crucial to the success of almost every enterprise, lead generation is a monotonous task that many salefolk loath.

But what if we told you that you could "hand-off" lead generation activities to qualified professionals via something called business process outsourcing? Would you be interested in learning more? If so, keep reading!

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing, also known as BPO, is the practice of delegating specific business activities to outside contractors, vendors, and agencies. BPO can be used to complete many different tasks. But, in general, only secondary functions are outsourced.

For example, a SaaS provider might outsource payroll and bookkeeping duties, but keep software development, a core function, in-house.

Why is BPO So Beneficial for Salespeople?

We've covered the "what," now let's tackle the "why."

Why is BPO so beneficial for salespeople? What do they gain by partnering with outsourced lead generation services? A whole lot actually! We'll focus on the top three reasons:

1. Lower Costs

By outsourcing work like lead generation, you can probably save your organization a significant amount of money. It's often more cost effective to hand off lead gen to qualified professionals at outsourced lead generation companies because you won't have to provide them with bonuses, benefits, office space, or training materials.

Also, you can choose to work with an outsourcing vendor who employs highly-trained professionals in developing countries. This will give you ethical access to low-wage work.

2. Better Focus

Let's get real: you weren't hired because you're really good at finding names and email addresses on LinkedIn and generating spreadsheets full of potential leads. You were hired because you excel at turning potential leads into flesh and blood prospects. In other words, you know how to sell. That's why your company brought you on.

B2B lead generation outsourcing allows you to focus on what you're good at, what we call your "core activities," and outsource menial tasks that any low-wage worker can perform.

3. Improved Results

When you invest in business process outsourcing, you give yourself the chance to focus on your core activities. But the good news doesn't stop there. You also give the company you outsource work to the ability to concentrate on what they do best, thus improving your results.

Think about it: who will be able to generate higher quality leads in less time than an organization that specializes in the practice and works on it every single day?

Potential Disadvantages of Outsourced Lead Generation Companies

As beneficial as BPO services can be for salespeople, there are a couple of disadvantages that you should be made aware of before you invest in B2C or B2B lead generation outsourcing:

1. Less Control

Outsourcing work, whether it's lead generation activities or HR tasks, always results in a loss of control. It's inevitable. Even if you provide strict guidelines and parameters, someone else will ultimately be performing the activity which means they'll be doing it the way they see fit.

For many people, this isn't an issue. But if you want to maintain complete control over your company's sales processes, outsourced B2B lead generation is not the way to go.

2. Security Risks

Whenever you invite other people into your company — internal employees, external partners, etc. — your risk of a security breach goes up. Outsourcing services will make you more liable to confidentiality risks and must be thoroughly vetted and watched.

Fortunately, the danger you put your company in can be mitigated by choosing reputable partners and only giving them limited access to your company and its private information.

Put Lead Generation on Autopilot

automate lead generation
Make lead generation easy and put it on autopilot.

At this point, you understand both the benefits and disadvantages of outsourced lead generation services. Now let's talk about how to use them to automate your sales prospecting efforts.

Traditionally, automated sales prospecting was done via a four-step system:

  1. First, you'd select a sales automation software such as Leadfuze or Anyleads. These apps are specifically designed to minimize the time spent on tedious prospecting tasks and come with convenient features such as potential prospecting identification, contact information retrieval, and email scheduling.
  2. Then, you'd have to integrate your sales automation software of choice with the rest of your company's technology stack. We're talking about CRM software, calendar apps, email marketing tools, etc. If a native integration wasn't available, you'd also need to invest in Zapier to make sure all of your solutions communicate effectively.
  3. Next, initial contact would be made with your list of potential leads. This process could also be automated via email software. The best automated messages have great subject lines, short and personalized copy, and a compelling CTA. To find success with this approach, you'd want to make sure to schedule follow up messages as well.
  4. Finally, you'd begin qualifying your leads based on the responses you received to your automated emails. Your prospects would be segmented into one of four groups: "Sales Ready/Good Fit," "Sales Ready/Bad Fit," "Sales Unready/Good Fit," and "Sales Unready/Bad Fit." This was almost always a manual process.

This approach to automated lead generation still works and can be very effective. But, if we're being completely honest, it's not the best way to generate leads on autopilot. Instead, we suggest lead generation outsourcing.

What is Lead Generation Outsourcing?

Lead generation outsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: the delegation of lead generation activities to outsourcing vendors. For most sales teams, this includes sourcing potential customers and clients on sites like LinkedIn and scheduling initial contact emails.

In other words, all the things that sales professional need to do on a daily basis, but don't enjoy. Lead generation outsourcing gives sales reps freedom to not perform these tasks.

Invisible for Lead Generation Outsourcing

When it comes to B2B lead generation outsourcing, there isn't a better option than Invisible. Our platform is the ideal combination of advanced technology and human touch. The result of this partnership is quality work completed at affordable rates.

Let's talk more about how Invisible works, both in general and specifically for sales purposes.

How Invisible Technologies Works

Invisible can be used to accomplish a wide range of back office support tasks. Our team has worked to vet potential employees, organize business data, generate qualified leads for clients, and much, much more. Here's a general outline of how it works:

  1. New users sign up for an Invisible account, choose the subscription plan that fits their individual needs best, and begin delegating business tasks.
  2. To delegate, users simply email their virtual assistant (VA) a single task or a task to be done at scale. The VA then sends the task on to the Digital Assembly Line.
  3. The Digital Assembly Line is Invisible's powerful technology that coordinates a number of different algorithms and a team of highly trained workers to get tasks done.
  4. Once work is delegated, users can view its progress in the Client Dashboard, an Invisible feature that keeps users updated on the status of their delegated tasks.
  5. When the Invisible team completes the tasks that have been delegated to it, project deliverables are sent to the user in the exact format requested.
  6. Lastly, users sit back and smile at the boost in efficiency Invisible affords them and the focus they can now put towards core business activities!

As you can see, working with Invisible is totally convenient. But what does the process look like for sales lead generation specifically? Let's have a look.

How Invisible Works for Lead Generation

The process for generating sales leads on autopilot with Invisible is largely the same as delegating any other business task. But there are a few differences that we want to highlight:

  1. First, sign up for Invisible and choose the subscription plan that works for you. Then meet your dedicated account manager and name your digital assistance team.
  2. Next, offload secondary sales tasks like lead gen or CRM data management. All you have to do is call, text, or email us and we'll get started on your project.
  3. Lastly, watch us get to work and fill your sales pipeline with high-quality prospects, organize your CRM to your standards, or complete any other sales-related tasks!

Invisible can be used by any sales development rep, sales manager, or head of sales to run lead generation, outreach, and data management. Our team are experts when it comes to building qualified leads lists, initiating contact, and managing sales data.

You just need to tell us what you need help with. We'll take care of the rest!

Outsourcing Work: The Full Picture

While lead generation is an important task that sales teams can outsource via business process outsourcing, it's not the only one. In fact, an entire host of back office support functions can be outsourced to companies like Invisible.

If you're not familiar with the term, back office support refers to the outsourcing of back office tasks, i.e. non-client facing activities such as sales lead generation (previously mentioned), data recording activities, and the vetting of new sales rep applications.

Back office support services like Invisible can be used to complete all of these tasks and more. Whatever secondary functions you need outsourced, Invisible can help make it happen.

Boost Sales With Lead Generation Outsourcing

lead generation outsourcing
Make more sales than ever before with outsourced lead generation.

Quality leads are the lifeblood of every business. Without them, there's no customers, sales, or revenue. The burden of finding quality leads often falls squarely on the collective shoulders off of a company's sales team. It's not an easy job.

Fortunately, outsourced lead generation services like Invisible make the process of generating leads much, much easier!

By partnering with Invisible, you can spend more of your time on the things you do best: selling your company's solution to the folks who need it. Meanwhile, our team will take care of menial tasks like potential lead identification, automated email outreach, and CRM data updates.

For more information on how Invisible works, contact our sales team to get started.

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Jacob Thomas
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