Tech: Team Management 1.0

August 1, 2019
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Skyler Stevens

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  • Hello bullet points

Hi Team,

Santa Claus showed up and helped us deploy Team Management 1.0 today!!!!

**evidence of Santa below

What Deployed?
Team Management 1.0 just now! Woohoo.

How does Team Management 1.0 work?

Client can go to their Team page in their client dashboard. Then, they can see all their listed users.

Shout Outs

Shout out to @Keenahn Jung, @Rodrigo, @Pieter Venter for their incredible hard work on this. Truly, truly impressed.

Shout out to @Zach O'Brien, @Kamron Palizban, @Marshall Sutherland, @Kamron Palizban, @Scott Downes, @Chris Chavez, @Sebastiaan van Kuyk for stress testing the crap out of this feature to make sure nothing broke.

Bravo, team.

What's next with Team Management?

1. Improve UI so it shows the User's name and not the DAL/Company name

2. Clients themselves will be able to invite other users. They won't just see a list of verified users, but will be able to add or remove them. This will make account expansion even easier! #cantwait

So, why did we do all of this?

Our clients are often teams of people. So, they need more than 1 person to access their dashboard. With Team Management, users can view all their verified users for the Client Dashboard. On top of that, internal referrals is our strongest sales channel and now our UI will guide clients to expand deeper into their teams. That means more


And this is just the beginning. We can create nurture campaigns to support our account expansion. We can limit delegators to assistants based off if they are a verified user to increase security. We can start to understand a client's org chart to better understand our customers. There paves the path for a whole new world.

Merry Christmas,

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Skyler Stevens
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