Tech: Agent Profile 1.1

October 9, 2019
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Sebastiaan van Kuyk

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  • Hello bullet points

Hey Peeps,

What did we do?
We added Agent Pay data and editing abilities to the Agent Profile in the DAL. Bill approvers can now click a link on an agent's bill in Agent Pay which will bring them to the Agent's profile in the DAL and they can use this interface to update the Supervisor, Pay rate, and Payment Platform for an agent. Furthermore we record all the changes that happen on an 'Updates' section at the bottom of the page (and in our db) so we can track changes happening over time.

Why did we do it?
Previously this data had to be updated in Forest Admin. Moving this operation to a controlled interface is good for a couple reasons:
1) It's FASTER and during Agent Pay, time is of the essence.

2) It's SIMPLER and less error prone and regarding payments, accuracy is of the essence.

3) It's MORE TRANSPARENT and is a better agent experience allowing them to self serve their payment information and flag any inconsistencies to their manager.

4) It's historically CONSISTENT as changes are explicitly recorded and displayed as updates.


@Gabriel Altemann for this implementation and continued ownership in the Agent Pay domain, and @Keenahn Tiberius Jung for his mentorship and support with specs and reviews and making sure this got deployed before the last cycle.

Beyond 1.1
DAL Agent Profile has loads of functionality now but is ugly AF. Looking forward to unleashing @Adam Janowitz on this and bringing sexy back.
North Star - Burn Down The Forest (Admin)


Getting the company away from Forest Admin as an interface for editing our production data is a TNG initiative in Q4. As the company grows and permissions get more complex and granular we want to build out controlled dashboard interfaces for editing specific data that live in logical user friendly places rather than using a tool like Forest Admin which carries great risks to our production data integrity and is very prone to mistakes.

So let's BURN IT DOWN and then dance around it like a bearded weirdo.

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Sebastiaan van Kuyk
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