Tech: Asgard from REST to GraphQL

October 9, 2019
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Pieter Venter

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  • Hello bullet points

Hi Team,

As mentioned in my previous email, I've been asked to send some deployment emails regarding the less tangible work done by EGT. Here's another one:

## What? ##

Asgard (codename for Client Dashboard) now uses GraphQL. GraphQL is the new way of communicating data over the network (usually between browser and server, but can also be from servers to other servers). We've been using GraphQL with Midgard (codename for the DAL)

## So what? ##

GraphQL enables us to define a list of actions that can be performed on the server and it allows us to access all the data we need and none of the data we don't need, all with a single request. This will speed up user experience considerably as we start moving over all our previous pages to make use of this.

## Shoutouts ##

Thanks, Keenahn for reviewing and assisting with this. Thanks to the DAL team for laying down the initial blocks, making this easier to do.

## What's Next? ##

We will be switching over all of our legacy REST endpoints to GraphQL over time. We will also be adding tooling to enable us to track which queries perform slow and how many users of using these queries, giving us a very granular view of our clients' relationship with our data.

We also plan on creating one single graph for the entire system from DAL to Client Dashboard to payment service to mailgun and many more. This will enable us to drop the fragile forestadmin in favour of much more user-friendly tooling for partners to use, making sure that whatever data gets read or updated will always have business logic following suite, keeping the integrity of our data in tac

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Pieter Venter
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