Tech: DAL Zero Balance Time Tracking Disabled

October 9, 2019
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Tim Bendt

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What Was Happening Before?Agents could start time tracking even if the big red balance display was showing below zero.


The time tracking button is disabled whenever the assistant balance reaches 0. Existing time-tracking keeps going, but new ones cannot be started.


Raise the issue of balances immediately, and make sure we can get paid for all the work that is done.


Tim Bendt


For clarity: This is being rolled back because, as a company, we are making exceptions and allowing some of our biggest clients to track into negative balances. The roll out without an ability to make exceptions was a break on me and product.

More context

The logic here still needs work and alignment since we are making bets that money will come in for clients who we allow to maintain - at times - large negative balances. It's a kind of handshake that we are bending and even breaking our own rules in order to invest in bigger payouts and give our large clients the flexibility to pay when it's convenient for them.

At times, this works out. But, at other times, we get a scare. Ikos is a good example of a client that isn't playing by our rules despite us feeling like we're accommodating them at every turn. We are continuing their work while they maintain an over 12K negative balance. I know that the Ikos strike force is working hard on the upsell here, but it's a bet that they will pay enough to make up for their current negative balance and not leave us in the cold.

Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Tim Bendt
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