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October 9, 2019
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Sebastiaan van Kuyk

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  • Hello bullet points

Today we(TNG) responded to an unforeseen urgent deadline regarding a strategic partnership with Forbes and prioritized 2 deployments.

Pricing v3.1 - New Pricing


Pricing Page


The main objective of Pricing v3.1 was to increase the relative rate discount between the 3 plans whilst maintaining healthy scalable margins, thus giving our sales team extra ammunition for upsells and expansion (MRR Targets) and our operations team some oxygen to hit our gross margin targets.

The secondary objective was to make all the numbers (monthly charge, hours included, and rate) look nicely rounded, logical and consumable.

NB: Our Terms of Service have not yet been updated to reflect the new commitment terms. We are expecting legal to deliver this on Wednesday and will have it updated on the website.


Thanks to Hayley for helping with drafting the final pricing and updating the website and outer circle Francis, Marshall & Jay for reviews and feedback.

Pricing v3.2 - Free Trials Support


We are now able to onboard clients with a free trial period. This means that for the first x number of days we can give them courtesy credit(a proportion of their monthly subscription package) before their subscription starts.
NB: The MVP of this does not automatically add  the courtesy credit to the dashboard, the client will land on his dashboard and see $0 credit. I will personally add credit when I receive an onboarding alert with a Forbes code. So AM's please be aware of this. An automation for this piece will ship imminently likely by EOW.


The immediate need for this was to support a special strategic partnership with Forbes U30 app. For this promotion we are giving their audience a 30 day free trial at the $900 package, followed by 10 bonus hours per month (they are getting the basic package at the pro rate).

This feature opens the door for GRT to build similar partnerships and adds a huge weapon to their arsenal for incentivizing new business.


Keenahn for swift spec'ing & implementation. Rodrigo for responsiveness whilst on vacation & assisting with context and reviews.

Francis for driving clarity on the dependencies here and intervening to save a potentially impactful partnership.



Hayley Darden Marketing Invisible Technologies
Sebastiaan van Kuyk
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