Case Study

Invisible Empowers Mobile Dentist to Become COVID Tester in Weeks
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Executive Summary

Disruptive mobile dentistry pivoted to COVID testing and needed a partner capable of helping them adapt to new market demands and opportunities. The team had long worked with Invisible and understood that our core competencies could help them spin up new functions fast.

Invisible spun up new back-office COVID processes and put dental back office support work on immediate pause. The result? Operating cost efficiencies that enabled a quick pivot.

Funding Round
Funding Amount
The Process Stack
The chart below shows the largest groups processes we've run for clients over time, their "process stack."
In the chart above, you can see the birth of a customer support function at the top. You can also see lead generation for their dental practice pause and then start again.

Invisible is an extended tech, data, and research team to help them lift, shift and coordinate as a mobile dentistry.

  • Lead Generation
  • Research
  • Inbox Management
  • Patient Scheduling 
  • Testing Reporting 
  • Government Reporting
  • Customer Support Line
The Need

The genesis of this partnership is in myriad back office processes for their unique dental practice. Invisible generates leads for hiring, business development, and managed patient a calendaring, for example. When COVID hit, an in-office dentistry was no longer a viable business. The team pivoted and needed back-office support for customer support, test processing, and test filing.

As the company seamlessly pivoted -- so did Invisible.

The Story

We started a customer support line in nine days, spun up automated COVID test reporting and filing with the government --with our HIPPA certified team of agents-- while improving our executive support solutions.

The Impact

Enabled by our support, the business grew three times and was even featured on Good Morning America. And, as COVID abates, we've spun up old processes again.

Unlike other over-automated or rigid partners, we aren't just able to change course, we're able to reverse course. Invisible is now managing lead generation and patient scheduling again, ultimately supporting two fully aligned businesses in different industries.

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Get this Stack

Get similar support with inbox management, executive calendaring, lead generation, and high-powered data operations. All expertly crafted templates ready to be adapted to your team's needs.



Our core capabilities, always the same, can be combined into unique process stacks that create endlessly unique solutions for our customers. While our processes are standardized, no client’s use of Invisible is the same.

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