Case Study

Art Marketplace Relies on Invisible to Increase Inventory & Rate of Exchange
Executive Summary

Invisible supports one of the largest online art marketplaces of more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists by fueling a massive intelligence database and helping to run rote processes that make the platform run more smoothly.

Series D
Funding Round
Funding Amount
The Process Stack
The chart below shows the largest groups processes we've run for clients over time, their "process stack."
  • Training Data
  • QA Information Architecture
  • Scale Customer Support
  • Chase Receipts
  • Audit Platform Sales
The Need

The company needed external partners who can help them manage large-scale, complex data projects and ongoing support in marketplace operations. Specifically they needed to build out their proprietary artist discovery algorithm. It helps them meaningfully match collectors with artists, ensuring a high quality experience. But to do this, hordes of data are needed. To achieve their other objectives, they needed external partners who can help them manage large-scale, complex data projects and ongoing support marketplace operations.

The Story

Invisible built a data intelligence collection of 4,600 artists in 4 weeks through a repeatable process. Turning a highly manual process into a single format deliverable on an expected recurring basis.

Invisible continues to build the foundational dataset to create a top notch online product discovery experience, merging proprietary data with internet research, into a database machine learning can — well — learn from.

The Impact

Invisible has also helped enrich 20,000 leads over a 3 month period to eanble the sales team to oversee transactions within the market, signal buyer intent across social media and communication platforms, monitor and respond to customer support inquiries, and helped to audit 2,000 emails / day, ultimately running 22 total number of processes this year. Invisible works closely with their senior managers to evolve our process stack to best meet the needs of the business, filling the gaps in their internal platform.

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How one company goes from an industry specific pilot to outsourcing the load across every department.



Our core capabilities, always the same, can be combined into unique process stacks that create endlessly unique solutions for our customers. While our processes are standardized, no client’s use of Invisible is the same.

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