Case Study

Invisible Matches BPO Performance in 10 Days, Becomes Strategic Partner for Delivery Giant
Executive Summary

When demand doubled during the pandemic, a food delivery giant that you might have ordered dinner from last night needed a better way to onboard restaurants in more than 4,000 locations.

We matched existing vendor performance in ten days, ultimately building custom technology and becoming a strategic partner to the company.

Funding Round
Funding Amount
The Process Stack
The chart below shows the largest groups processes we've run for clients over time, their "process stack."
Here, you can see that we helped the client by structuring menus and have since taken on other key processes, like equipment tracking, even as the volume of menus we process has expanded.
  • Data Transformation -> Building menus in 10+ different languages
  • Quality Assurance -> QA'ing menu creation from network of third party vendors
  • Custom Transformation -> Running triage and rescue, a process to ensure equipment inventory is managed

The Need

The delivery company needed to scale extremely rapidly starting in March 2020 as the pandemic closed down large portions of in-person dining and consumer demand food delivery skyrocketed. Their need - structuring menus at a staggering pace.

Restaurants design their menus in myriad ways—beautiful three page folios, pdfs, pictures, even QR codes that lead to unique online menus—but consumers expect menus from every restaurant to be structured in the same way. 

That’s where Invisible comes in.

The Story

Invisible sat down with their operations team and mapped their restaurant onboarding process.  

  • Within 10 days, we hired and trained a team to meet the performance of existing vendors. 
  • Within a month, Invisible doubled the output of existing vendors while beating SLAs. 

In parallel, they built 2 pieces of technology: 

  • An OCR tool that reads menus from different formats and structures them
  • A Workforce Management Platform that allowed agents to work on the same process, and on client platforms, without needing access to their systems.

When these two tools were fully implemented, Invisible was operating at double the efficacy of existing vendors and it was able to cut costs by 50% within 3 months of the engagement.

The Impact

Today, we run 25 different processes for 5 teams across 4 different continents and serve as a strategic partner in opening both new markets and new lines of business. 

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Within ten days, Invisible matched existing vendor output. Within a quarter we had tripled volume and cut unit price in half.

Get this Stack

We can help run delivery processes, or apply these same capabilities in data transformation, platform management, and operations to your business.



Our core capabilities, always the same, can be combined into unique process stacks that create endlessly unique solutions for our customers. While our processes are standardized, no client’s use of Invisible is the same.

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