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Latin America Delivery Giant Finds One Vendor to Unlock New Markets
Executive Summary

The consumer tech company needed a partner capable of helping them acquire market share in Latin Amercia to launch new lines of markets and establish their hold of the market. They knew exactly what they needed. We knew how to build processes that expertly leverage people & tech.

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The Process Stack
The chart below shows the largest groups processes we've run for clients over time, their "process stack."
A leading player in the on-demand delivery market in LATAM, is looking to launch into new verticals to prevent other players, both domestic and international, from taking market share.
The Need

To support their growth and remain competitive in their industry, they had to outsource major chunks of their operations to BPOs. However, their current vendors cannot provide restaurant contact data at the fidelity and rate they require to maintain their growth, leading to their CAC increasing with growth.

The Story

The delivery company uses Invisible as the single partner to support their launch into new markets. Previously, they had spun up a BPO for each market they were launching in due to scalability issues. However, because Invisible can centralize best practices and each market requires the same set of processes, they use us to leverage the end-to-end tech-labor solution Invisible has built to take down markets faster. Additionally, Invisible is scoping ways to correct partner data in their app to improve customer UX and merchant retention.

Invisible built a turnkey lead generation system that allowed the company to 10x lead volume over the course of 5 weeks with a process cost competitive with their existing LATAM BPOs.

  • The first piece of technology was a Lead Generation machine that automatically scrapes leads from the desired market across 8 different platforms.
  • Secondly, Invisible built an integration with Whatsapp and a call support tool to automate activity recording and queue leads for agents to call back-to-back.
  • Finally, Invisible moved restaurant onboarding into Flow to automate and scale menu creation for restaurants that wanted to sign-up with the company.

The Impact

Invisible was able to achieve a ~40% conversion rate on leads, a ~3x increase over the 11% conversion rate from their existing vendors. Onboarding times for new markets came down to 1 week from 2-3 weeks with previous vendors. Invisible is on track to bring down time to take-on new markets from 1 week to 3 days. As a result, the delivery company can onboard restaurants at a similar CAC, allowing them to grow faster and more efficiently.

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How one company goes from an industry specific pilot to outsourcing the load across every department.



Our core capabilities, always the same, can be combined into unique process stacks that create endlessly unique solutions for our customers. While our processes are standardized, no client’s use of Invisible is the same.

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