Case Study

Invisible Sources Deals, Manages Data, and Handles Scheduling for noted VC
Executive Summary

A venture capital fund who invests in challenger brands has a team of experienced senior people who benefit from centralized, coordinated, responsive back-office support.

Funding Round
Funding Amount
The Process Stack
The chart below shows the largest groups processes we've run for clients over time, their "process stack."
This visual illustrates the value of our capacity to manage surges in demand.
  • Data Enrichment -> Personal Campaign Project for Account Executive
  • Calendaring -> Scheduling Meetings for Users
  • CRM Management -> Managing Booked Meetings for Users
  • CRM Management -> Managing Affinity Lists for Users
  • General Research -> Generating Potential Deal Sources on Weekly Basis

The Need

The VC firm needed to augment their internal teams to boost productivity across the board and to enable senior staff to do career-defining work. BUT, they didn't want to pay for time they weren't using.

The Story

The team uses Invisible to source deals, schedule meetings, create branded templates, and manage intelligence on everything from deal flow patterns to the degree of diversity in their portfolios.

Invisible leverages four functions at the firm, providing assistance to all of their leaders at once. Their CMO engages Invisible to help build twitter lists or one-off decks. Their Head of Network has us populate massive volumes of data fields in their CRM, critical for identifying patterns in their investments. Their finance lead engages Indiana to format quarterly reports to their investors. Last, one of their ventures leads uses our service to give him the very best intelligence on prospective investments and to schedule his external meetings according to protocol.

The Impact

We support top notch leaders across functions, and nearly 1/2 of their team—while remaining centrally budgeted and available for one-off projects by any member of the team. We make it affordable for an investor to get the exact market intelligence he wants, for the head of network to skip CRM management (we've saved her 528 hours), and for the CMO to run large social listening projects on an as-needed basis.

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Get this Stack

Invisible can augment your team, too. Here are processes this company uses.



Our core capabilities, always the same, can be combined into unique process stacks that create endlessly unique solutions for our customers. While our processes are standardized, no client’s use of Invisible is the same.

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