Scaling Delivery System

For a $900MM delivery service
Artsy is a free online platform for collecting and discovering art. Artsy's search engine and database draw connections and map relationships among works of art.

The Business Problem

Hugo met Francis at Summit Tulum in 2017. Founded ArtAdvisor, which was acquired by Artsy. Currently is the Chief Data Scientist for Artsy. The problem Hugo had is he need to clean large data sets to help build Artsy’s database and train their algorithms, but had no good way to get them cleaned fast. He used Mechanical Turk before, but didn’t like the complexity/time required to set-up the task, the variable quality of the output, and the cost.

How Artsy Uses Invisible

There are 4 users at Artsy, including Hugo, and has a total of 3 Invisible assistants. The other users are a:
Product Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Full-stack engineer

Thoughts On Working With Invisible

“It does take some skill to delegate tasks in decomposed bite size tasks that are accomplishable. For example, human judgement tasks like qualifying leads along subjective criteria still has room for improvement. “

How Artsy Plans On Using Invisible

“The benefit has been the ability to rapidly prototype tasks by requesting a sample. The ability to wrap messy manual tasks into simple to manage processes/delegations.”

Why Invisible Over Other Services

Hugo previously used ArcGate for some tasks, but it was “much higher friction so many tasks felt impossible”

“Invisible is a dream come true!”

Chief Scientist at Artsy
Hugo Liu

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