Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

What is Invisible Technologies?
Invisible Technologies unlocks the capacity of businesses by allowing individuals and teams to focus on the work that matters most to their continued success. We do this by providing our clients an assistant, powered by a global workforce and intelligent automation to deliver digital work faster, better, and cheaper.
What / Who is behind my assistant?
Your invisible assistant is powered by both human agents and machines. We select, train, and employ hundreds of remote agents from around the world. We have a 7% acceptance rate for agents who apply to join our global workforce.
How does an Invisible assistant work?
When your Invisible assistant comes online, you choose its name. Our only constraints: you cannot name your assistant after a real person currently living or use a name that has already been taken by another Invisible user. To start delegating, simply email your Invisible assistant with your request. Your assistant will confirm receipt and our technology and agent workforce will begin its coordination. When the task is complete, your Invisible assistant will share your deliverable via email in the format and preferences you shared.
What is the Client Portal?
We want our clients to have an incredible experience, and that starts with transparency. To keep you up to date with how your delegations are progressing, visit our Client Portal. This shows the status of each task you delegate along with information on your usage, plan, and billing.
What should I not delegate to my Invisible assistant?
Your Invisible assistant can take on so many different types of tasks that we need to share what it cannot do vs what it can do. For example, your Invisible assistant cannot go to spin class for you — we’re working on it. It cannot renew your driver’s license at the DMV yet. Your invisible assistant will not make you more creative or likable to your in-laws at this stage of our development.

While your invisible assistant cannot facilitate your meetings or write final email drafts, it can organize your contacts, schedule meetings with them, systematically label, archive, and draft emails, and track any communications results that come from email communication in a CRM, document, or other tool of your choosing. Just think about how much work is necessary before the real work begins!

Your invisible assistant can
- Do work that can be explained in steps.
- Do work that is repetitive.
- Do work whenever you want.
- Do work at whatever scale you want.

Your invisible assistant cannot
- Do highly creative or technical work, such as programming, writing, and designing.
- Work in languages other than English.
- Do non-digital work.
- Make business decisions for you.
What is a reasonable turnaround time for my delegation?
Small delegation? Quick turnaround. For a delegation of moderate size — 10 hrs of work to complete — you can expect a turnaround time of 4-5 days.
What should I do if I need help (e.g., my assistant isn't responding quickly)?
Email us at and a partner will reach out to resolve your issue as fast as possible
What should I do if I have questions and I don't see an answer here?
Send us an email at

Pricing and Payment

What are my options for payment?
We accept credit card purchases for our monthly subscription plans or our bulk purchase packages.
Monthly subscriptions are charged every month on the same day per month as your initial sign-up.
Bulk package purchases are one-off charges made each time you purchase. They do not renew.

More info about each option and its benefits here.
Where can I see my bill?
Review bills from your current and past billing cycles from your personal Client Portal.
What information should I expect to see on my Client Portal?
Your Client Portal will display your Invisible credits balance, a day-by-day breakdown of your usage, and your purchase history.
What happens if I run out of credits?
Your assistant will let you know when you are low on credits so that your work will not be interrupted mid-execution. Additionally, your assistant will not take on work that will exceed your credits before letting you know that you will run out before work is fully complete.
What happens if I do not use all of the credits in my monthly subscription?
Your credits roll over based on the details of your subscription plan.
What is the refund policy?
No refunds! No means no, until it means, “omg, we messed up, and we can't rectify the situation.” We hold ourselves completely accountable and quality is one of our top priorities.

Data Security

How does Invisible ensure the security of my payment information?
We use Stripe as our secure payments partner to ensure that your credit card details remain protected. Additionally, when you request that your assistant make purchases, we use virtual credit cards to make the payment that are under your control, and Stripe to make charges to your account. The combination of these two technologies ensures that we never have to store your financial information and that it never leaves Stripe.
How does Invisible protect any passwords I share in order to execute my delegations?
Some of the work our agents do for you may require access to your accounts. We obscure shared passwords using enterprise-grade password sharing software.
How does Invisible ensure the integrity of its human agent workforce?
We monitor our human agents with DLP tracking software which provides screen recording and rules-based flagging so we know exactly what each person is doing at all times.
Is there anything else I should know about security measure Invisible takes to ensure I do not have to worry about my data’s integrity or privacy being compromised?
We take security very seriously. Due to the unique work that Invisible does and our high bar for security, we have created additional security layers to augment the security solutions given above. One of these layers is the role of the “sentry.”

Sentries are a security team, responsible for doing work that requires a high-level of security, trust, and reliability. Sentries are located in and citizens of the US and have been background checked.

It is also important to note that all our agents operate full-time under NDAs.

Quality Control and Scaling

Is there any limit to how much I can delegate?
No. At this time there is ample labor capacity in our Digital Assembly Line. Our largest users use more than 1,000 hours per month of the service. Fear not — we have enough hands to do everything!
How does Invisible ensure a quality experience for its clients?
We want to make your experience as a new client or existing client worry free. That’s why our company exists — to increase your bandwidth and rid you of work that is not core to your business. Our team is at your service in case our relationship is not meeting your standards or in case you want to share something exceptional about our service that you’d like to see more of in the future. Upon signing up as a client, you will be assigned an Account Director who will be your main point of contact in case you have an issue that needs extra care or attention.
How can I talk with my Account Director?
We recommend that you sync with your Account Director every two weeks. We have noticed that 15 minutes on a call can increase the value that you receive from your Invisible assistant. As a growing business, we value your input about our service, and how we can do more so that you can delegate more. These syncs give you an opportunity to brain dump, review the work you have delegated thus far, receive answers to any questions in real time, and clarify / sharpen any changes in any work processes that you have delegated to your assistant.
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