Need bandwidth?

👋 Meet worksharing.

Worksharing is a service that blends outsourcing and automation, so your company or team can efficiently run any business process.
Customers use Invisible to.
build lists of property leads.

Get flexible and efficient operating power

We serve buyers who are disappointed with outsourcing, tired of managing freelancers, and underserved by big automation providers. Worksharing delivers the ops bandwidth you're actually looking for...

Do twice the work in
half the time.

Get on-demand
help for any team.

Evolve ⚡
Iterate on processes simply.

Save ⚡
Low monthly subscription. Unit cost drops over time.

Relax ⚡Quality control is part of the high-touch service.

What it all boils down to is this...
Your team has the bandwidth to be brilliant.

"I just don't have to think about anything."

"I haven't used Upwork since Invisible."

"It's like having an extension of me."
Invisible is the ops partner that gives you the power to double down on what’s special about your team or your company.

Here's how it works

Start getting long term value in 24-48 hours

We're along-term partner that starts with a monthly commitment. First results in 24-48 hours.

1) You've got no bandwidth, but lots of stuff you'd love to take on.
2) Meet your Invisible team & send work via Zoom or email.
3) We do the work in 24-48 hours & confirm quality with a sample.
4) While we get stuff done, you do whatever you want.
5) Want to see progress? You can always check progress on the portal.
6) Little tasks are done reliably; big processes scale.
7) You fly! Not literally, but maybe you feel like flying.

You're ready for worksharing if:

Our happiest clients say “yes” to 3/4 of the questions below.

There’s at least one regular, data rich task or process you'd love to hand off to someone else.
You’ve been looking for technology solutions, considering freelancers, or googling ‘outsourcing.’
You need more time in your day.
This week an inefficiency bugged you. You're not sure how to fix it.

Here's how we can help

Explore the links below to see how we can help.

By Process

Lead Generation
Supply Curation
Data Transformation
Document Workflow
Contact Management
Custom Outreach
Lead Scoring
Your own!

By Role

Sales Ops
Product Ops
Insurance Ops
People Ops
Analytics Ops

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Customers use Invisible to.
Customers use Invisible to.
Customers use Invisible to.