Develop Supply for a Housing Marketplace

Case: Clients use the service to get exactly what they need.

Sourcing a high volume of rare housing leads needed ASAP

One of our clients buys and flips single-family homes into a space for roommates. They need a high volume of rare properties, found quickly. Our hybridized process, which leverages automations to scrape for listings by website and has people rate property beauty means our client can be first to market. Our back-of-the-napkin suggests we've saved them $21,000 and 1600 hours from automations alone.


Saved the client > $21,000
Saved the client 1600 hours
Add speed to complex workflows.

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The Process

  1. 1. Define targets.

    Establish lead criteria in light of client's latest sales goals.

  2. 2. Scrape sites to build lists.

    Scrape housing sites for properties that meet criteria, like size, city, and number of bathrooms.

  3. 3. Auto-qualify leads

    Further vet leads by zip code.

  4. 4. Apply judgment.

    Machines can say whether a house is in a 'good' zip code. They are not great at assessing whether a home is beautiful. We do that part.

  5. 5. Deliver results.

    Leads are automatically delivered to the client.

Processes used for this client:
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