Operate a Large Scale Survey

Case: Clients use the service to get exactly what they need.

Run a survey from data gathering to deck building.

A Fortune 500 company needs product and service feedback from its many clients. They've got to gather the inputs quickly and synthesize output in a standardized visual language. Invisible is executing it, gathering responses, and turning that into visual representations at scale.


An ops partner for strategists.
Run processes end to end.
Practiced with large data sets.

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The Process

  1. 1. Distribute client's survey.

    The client makes the plan, we execute.

  2. 2. Capture responses.

    We manage follow-ups until there's a response, collating the data into one place.

  3. 3. Synthesize and format.

    Invisible synthesizes the information into hundreds of structured infographics, using Piktochart.

  4. 4. Share out.

    The client gets a boat-load of carefully crafted, consistent reports on each of their clients.

Processes used for this client:
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