Scale Business Development

Case: Clients use the service to get exactly what they need.

Scale the unscalable - managing your network.

To optimize his days, our CEO Francis has delegated more than 14,000 jobs to his Invisible assistant, Keats. Asks range from groceries to meeting notes to business development. For example, Francis uses our services to understand his network of relationships and to make strategic asks of his contacts.


Sends about 70 emails / day
Saves 3+ hours of time / day
Deliberately engage large network

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The Process

  1. 1. Make a social map.

    We use tools to build a map of relationships.

  2. 2. Research individuals.

    Build profiles of all the actors. Think "social graph" but for your life.

  3. 3. Organize opportunities.

    Data on whom Francis knows and how they relate to who he's like to meet next is organized in one place.

  4. 4. Refine opportunities.

    Francis or his deputy reviews the list to prioritize asks.

  5. 5. Make connections.

    Francis and Keats work together to draft communications, track follow-up, and connect.

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