Sourcing Rare Artists Quickly

Case: Clients use the service to get exactly what they need.

Turn the internet into your database.

Our client runs a large online fine-art discovery platform and marketplace. To build an immersive e-commerce experience, they need to source and organize high volumes of art, and data about art, from highly distributed sources. We scour the digital planet for leads and turn it into formatted spreadsheet, ready to upload.


4,6000 artists.
4 weeks.
Repeatable process.

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The Process

  1. 1. Download research scope.

    Client sends a scope of work, a long list of artists.

  2. 2. Scrape top locations.

    We scrape museums and galleries for data - that includes well-known and little known galleries.

  3. 3. Add qualitative research.

    Agents gather the remainder of information.

  4. 4. Client gets a list.

    The client gets a list of artists with all the relevant data.

Processes used for this client:
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