Meet Launchpad: Escape business productivity gravity

Chris Chavez

As of this Monday, May 24th, worksharing has a new portal! One goal we defined for the portal’s relaunch was to make it easier to learn what Invisible’s worksharing service could do. We often hear questions like, can my assistant take this on? Or, can you do this type of workflow or process? Launchpad gives you the ability to answer these questions quickly and easily from your desk or phone.


Have a key word describing what you would like to do? Use search to learn if worksharing can help out. Search can be found on the top of any page in your portal.


Launchpad will make recommendations based on what you have asked your assistant to do in the past. The more you workshare, the better the recommendations.


Click on a process card for a quickview summary. Read more details and see an example output by clicking on learn more. If it’s the right fit, launch it! Or, save it to your favorites, and review later.