Results Based Pricing

Each subscription has a monthly minimum spend which you can allocate to run any process or combination of processes that you want. Generally speaking, the first time we run a process clients pay by the hour; within the first 30 days, recurring processes are moved to a unit pricing model.


Try Worksharing
/ month floor
$20 / hour
$20 / hour for new processes
Unit pricing
Unlimited users
60 Day Rollover


Run Processes Reliably
/ quarter floor
$17.50 / hour
$17.50 / hour for new processes
Unit pricing
Unlimited users
90 Day Rollover
SAVE 12.5%


Scale and Save
/ quarter floor
$15.00 / hour
$15 / hour for new processes
Unit pricing
Unlimited users
120 Day Rollover
Custom automation savings
SAVE 25%

Frequently asked subscription questions

What happens if I run out of credits?

You can always purchase more or upgrade to a new plan. Upgrading to a new plan will provide with you an additional discount!

Start with Unit Prices Right Away

Some of our processes can be purchased with unit prices "off the shelf." Stay tuned for more.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generate leads for recruitment, business development, or sales using your LinkedIn account.
Sample: $100 for 200 leads delivered by 12pm next day; then $0.25/lead, with 500+ leads delivered daily by 12pm

Data Annotation

Clients, especially in the machine learning space, have Invisible label and annotate their data.

Pricing: $1 / image for first 100 images in a calendar week and $0.25 per image thereafter.


Have Invisible manage your calendar.

Pricing: $500 / month for all-inclusive scheduling services. Note that this runs on a 3 hour SLA.

Image Scraping

Scrape images from different sources on the internet and combine them into one relevant image set.

Pricing: $1 per image for first 100 images in a calendar week$0.50 per image thereafter

Media Monitoring

Monitor keywords from multiple sources that are critical to your strategic plans.

Pricing: $500 / month for all mainstream media monitoring & $100 / month for each custom website.

Image Annotation

Label and annotate images for machine learning or other purposes.

Pricing: $1 per image for first 100 images in a calendar week$0.25 per image thereafter

Subscription FAQs

Which plan is right for me?

  • You like to document processes.
  • The volume of work you need done changes month to month.
  • You can think of 1-3 standard business processes it's cumbersome to run on a regular basis.
  • You can think of 1-3 standard business processes its cumbersome to run on a regular basis.
  • At least one of those processes is high volume and something you'd love help automating.

How do I make the most of my subscription right away?

The most satisfied clients identify 1-3 large processes that will use the bulk of their monthly subscription. Clients most often start with lead generation, data management, or large custom workflows.

Note: clients on the basic plan get started by documenting the processes they would like to use in the near future.

How do I maximize ROI over time?

Some clients count on us as a steady execution partner. They send us top processes and we run them reliably every week or month.

Other clients see us as a growth partner. They add new processes to our plate every month and get capital efficiency gains in the process.

How am I protected from losing money?

First, our rollover policies give clients 3-6 months to use any existing budget. Basic level clients pay only for the hours they use.

Second, clients can cancel subscriptions at any time.

What are the benefits of your pricing model?

Our pricing model is designed to align us as partners. It's transparent and deflationary.

Easy to understand: The first time we run a process, we charge you for the hours we worked.

Totally predictable: Sometimes as soon as the second time we run a process, we charge a unit price. This unit priced is based on how long it takes the best person on our team to follow your standard operating procedure. If we’re too slow, we pay for it, you don’t.

Prices drop with volume: As your account and its processes grow, we create custom automations that decrease your unit costs over time. For example, for work with a major delivery marketplace, we dropped the unit price in half over a quarter.

Is it easy to change the volume of work I do with Invisible?

In two words: very easy.

Top Up: If you use all of your subscription one month, you can "top up" - that is whatever you need to complete jobs. That could be $10 or $3000.

Change Subscription at Any Time: Clients can change subscription levels at any time, optimizing for rate and volume as needed.
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