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Custom Domain
Response Time
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
Email, Phone and Video
Email, Phone and Video
Email, Phone and Video
Email, Phone and Video
Roll-over Hours (up to 30 days)
Dedicated Customer
Service Manager


Meeting Scheduling (CC Yourbot to schedule)
1 hour response time
1 hour response time
1 hour response time
Inbox Management
Flight, Hotel, Reservation Booking
Ticket Purchasing
Paying a Bill
Sending LinkedIn
Other Assistant Tasks


Expense Reporting
Contract E-signature Request
Web Scraping
Vendor Research
Email Address Sourcing
Contact Enrichment
Employee and Contractor Onboarding
Documentation Management
Other Office Tasks


Lead List Generation
Outreach, Followup and Scheduling
Lead Qualification and Verification


Candidate List Generation
Outreach and Followup
Screening Candidates
Interview Scheduling

*All plans require a 3 month commitment and include opt out guarantee (first 30 days).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I run out of hours?

For Monthly Subscription users, you'll simply continue to use the service at your existing rate and you'll have a chance to upgrade to the next level on the 1st of the next month. Your RLM will notify you beforehand that your hours are running low and you'll be billed in $100 increments through the remainder of the month.For Bulk Package buyers, you'll need to purchase another package of hours. Once your balance hits $0, your work will be paused until your balance is restored with credit.

How can I see my bill?

During onboarding your Relationship Manager will provide you with a link to your Client Dashboard and walk you through it. Client Dashboards update automatically throughout the day, so they're effectively live-time views of your account.

What's your refund policy?

Invisible does not currently offer refunds. However, we do award "Service Credit" on a case-by-case basis for clients who have had a poor experience. As a costumer, we'll always work with you to make it right.

How often can I switch plans? And how do I do that?

You can switch plans before the 1st of the month. To do so, notify your Relationship Manager in advance.

I'm confused by the different lines of work that Invisible provides. What's the difference between the Process Line, the Specialist Line, and the Strategist Line?

Here's how the segments work:Process Line: Repeatable, digital work that by and large does not require creativity. Examples: find my leads, read my emails, transcribe notes from a meeting. Process line work costs $15/hr at the base rate.Specialist Line: One-off ("non-repeatable") work that by and large requires some creative capacity and enhanced human judgment. Examples: build me a website, write job descriptions for my business. Specialist line work costs $30/hr.Strategist Line: Interfacing directly with a smart, conceptual human being to solve a business problem or craft a project that the Process Line can execute on. Examples: I want to build a new sales channel but don't know how, I want to launch a marketing campaign, I want to figure out how to run my operations on your system. Strategists cost $40/hr.
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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What happens if I run out of credits?

You can always purchase more or upgrade to a new plan. Upgrading to a new plan will provide with you an additional discount!

How can I see my bill?

You can request it from your Customer Success Manager or Support@Invisible.Email. Eventually, it will be reflected on your client dashboard, but that is still in progress.

What's your refund policy?

Due to having Labor Costs upfront, we do not provide refunds.

How often can I switch plans? And how do I do that?

You can switch plans at any time and you can do this yourself via your client dashboard or by sending a request to your Customer Success Manager. If you upgrade your plan, you will be charged the additional difference effective as soon as you upgrade so that you can use those hours. For downgrading, it will start on the date of your next billing cycle. If you have any questions in regards to this, we recommend that you reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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