CRM Management

Each process can be tailored to meet the precise needs that you, your team, or your company have.
Our expertly crafted processes get results.

Process Description

CRMs are helpful to manage your network. But you're not just in one network, you're in many networks - each on their own platform or channel. ‍Invisible can help you keep track of keep track of al the people who matter to your life and your business. Add conversations from your WhatsApp group of executives, to uploading starred items from your favorite newsletters, to LinkedIn connections and old business cards. With us behind the scenes, you're out of your inbox, you're not logged in to LinkedIn, and you and your team are still able to leverage your network to run a business, and keep up with life.

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Managed Relationships

For example
Data in your inbox isn't data in your CRM.
Interactions uploaded into your CRM.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Yakub Khamis

Yakub Khamis is responsible for lead generation, data clean up, and web scraping in Invisible, before Invisible he was a quality analyst for 2 years. He is an avid FIFA gamer and won a PS4(FIFA) tournament during a tough season! He has always aspired to become a motivational speaker and joined Invisible because he loves the transparency and the support Invisible provides. His dream is to one day own a successful business to support his family.

Hildah Azangalala

Hildah Azangalala is responsible for routing, scoping, and quality assurance in Invisible, before Invisible Hildah was a virtual assistant and student. She is a proud law school graduate who recently got her bar. Something personally important to her is taking care of her 2 pets, her dog Tokyo, and her cat Zuki. She joined Invisible because he likes the transparent work environment and the consistent growth Invisible provides, both professionally and personally. She looks forward to continuing her career in law, she plans to one day own a law firm that advocates human rights.

Select Tools

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