Custom Transformation

Custom Transformation

Processes get results.

Your product and operations rely on quality data, but quality data is hard to find. It's in mixed formats, outdated systems, or in a former employee's inbox. If you know what's wrong with the data you've got and you know you need, Invisible can help.‍Invisible takes awkward pdfs, messy CVS, ancient Excel spreadsheets and combines that with freshly scraped information from the web as well as your internal databases to create the continually updated, highly structured, data that can next level your business.

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Your Data, But Better

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Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Saad Ali

Saad Ali is an Invisible admin responsible for admin tasks relating to data like admin data entry & enrichment. Before Invisible, he was a freelance data operator. He is proud of having purchased almost all of his dream equipment. What is important to him is to work hard and try to learn new things. He joined Invisible because he thinks of Invisible’s community as a family, working towards a common goal. His goal in the future is to continue to challenge himself and grow.

Kartik Bharadwaj

Kartik helps with team management and training for Invisible’s Operations team, helping to manage outcomes for 6 clients at the same time. One of his core values is contribution—being a citizen and a leader at Invisible and beyond is important to him. His favorite thing about being at Invisible is the transparency, growth, culture, and “the best leadership team.”

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