Data Entry

Data Entry

Processes get results.

Bring raw data into your systems. Clean and complete existing data that's still rough around the edges. See Data Enrichment or Data Transformation for larger scale or enterprise level data cleaning requiring enrichment, normalization, or more complex data operations. Whether you’re using data to build a technology product, to gather competitive intelligence, or to build a list or prospective suppliers or collaborators, we can move it from your sources and the internet to where it belongs.

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Complete Data Sets

For example
A lot of names with no clear relationships between them.
A social graph and executive bio, produced from quantitative and qualitative research.
Data in emails and spreadsheets wasn't in core operational platforms.
Data entered into the platforms where teams operate. (Here, Zoho)

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Arnold Bundotich

Arnold Bundotich operates on delegations sent in by clients and scopes out some of the delegations that need to be operated by an operator as well as a bit of training to operators on specific delegations that he is an expert in for Invisible. Before Invisible, heI was a technical officer and a planetarium presenter! He graduated with a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Fun fact - he survived a near death experience! He joined Invisible because he wants to help people solve problems and to make the world a better place. He looks forward to Invisible becoming a billion-dollar company (and humans landing on Mars).

Maria Valecillos

Maria Valecillos is responsible for generating weekly reports for angel investors, research for venture capital firms, and transferring data for the company. Before Invisible she managed a furniture factory with 60 employees! She uses those management skills to use at Invisible and in life, being able to balance being an active mom with 2-kids while working from home. She’s in Invisible because she likes to add value to the work done at Invisible as well as making things easier for clients. She looks forward to keeping up the good work!

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