Data Verification

Data Verification

Processes get results.

Train machine learning models or QA data outputs from your vendors to guarantee 100% data integrity. Your worksharing assistant specializes in last mile data verification so that your models perform with high levels of accuracy. Nothing else will suffice when high speed and high integrity are not just nice to have, but necessary for your businesses success.

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Accurate Data

For example
Let's say this is information about loan applicants. It's unverified.
Verified data, from multiple sources.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Jailein Lem-ew

Jailein Lem-ew is responsible for scoping, admin tasks, and data formatting in Invisible, before Invisible, she was a teacher that taught English as a second language. She has a son and uses her experiences teaching to nurture her son as best as she can! She looks forward to be able to travel around the world to experience different cultures in the future.

Saad Ali

Saad Ali is an Invisible admin responsible for admin tasks relating to data like admin data entry & enrichment. Before Invisible, he was a freelance data operator. He is proud of having purchased almost all of his dream equipment. What is important to him is to work hard and try to learn new things. He joined Invisible because he thinks of Invisible’s community as a family, working towards a common goal. His goal in the future is to continue to challenge himself and grow.

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