Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Processes get results.

Sometimes you have all the facts you can handle, but what you lack is synthesis. Whether you’re collecting expense reports or creating them, generating invoices or managing them, your primary business goal is clarity. Nowhere is this more important than in your finance team. From collecting disparate sources of financial data to building out complex, aggregate views that power human-readable reports, we’re here to take the pain out of financial reporting. Let us bring order to the chaos.

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Financial Reports

For example
A portfolio's performance is in the CFO's spreadsheets.
The portfolio's performance is synthesized in a shareable report.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Faizan Anwar

Faizan Anwar is a router, scoper, operator, QA, and project manager for Invisible. Before Invisible, he was an accountant for a Cancer Society! One of his proudest accomplishments was to be the first in his family to own a car, and one of the things personally important to him is praying. Faizan is a family man and a religious person.

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