General Research

General Research

Processes get results.

You keep wishing you knew [insert what you wish you knew here.] It comes up twice a week, but you don't have time to research it, and neither do any of your direct reports. ‍Whether than thing you want to better understand is related to your competitors, to what's happening in the news, reading every single customer review for related products, or looking for trends in your company's data, we can help. If you know what you want to know, we can help you find out.

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Research Reports

For example
Poor price data by location.
Prices sourced by location.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Rey Segundo

Rey Segundo is responsible for web research, data extraction, and administrative work in Invisible, before Invisible he was a youth leader in a church! A proud achievement for him was bringing people closer to Christ, as a devout Christian, he really values his relationship to God.

Maria Valecillos

Maria Valecillos is responsible for generating weekly reports for angel investors, research for venture capital firms, and transferring data for the company. Before Invisible she managed a furniture factory with 60 employees! She uses those management skills to use at Invisible and in life, being able to balance being an active mom with 2-kids while working from home. She’s in Invisible because she likes to add value to the work done at Invisible as well as making things easier for clients. She looks forward to keeping up the good work!

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