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Processes get results.

You already have workflows that work, and a labeling system that makes sense. But you don't have time to read 200 emails a day. Some of them need your attention - some of them just need to be filed, sorted, or logged for further action. If you know what you need, Invisible can help. We can be your second pair of eyes, screening your email, Twitter DMs, LinkedIn connections or other proprietary platforms for urgent or important messages, sorting things according to your criteria, and making sure it's easy for you to keep on top of communications without losing your sanity.

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Organized Inboxes

For example
Unmanaged, unread emails.
Inbox zero.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Karlo Imperial

Karlo Imperial is responsible for list management, lead generation and data clean up in Invisible, before Invisible, he was a payroll business analyst for 2.5 years and then transitioned to an investment financial representative for 1 year. Aside from his diverse work experience, he is proud of having been able to pay off the house that he purchased! Karlo is a family man who always makes sure that he has time and is able to provide for them. He’s in Invisible because he recognized that Invisible doesn't just hire people, Invisible helps you build your career. Karlo looks forward to being able to travel again, to experience new things and meet new people!

Arnold Bundotich

Arnold Bundotich operates on delegations sent in by clients and scopes out some of the delegations that need to be operated by an operator as well as a bit of training to operators on specific delegations that he is an expert in for Invisible. Before Invisible, heI was a technical officer and a planetarium presenter! He graduated with a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Fun fact - he survived a near death experience! He joined Invisible because he wants to help people solve problems and to make the world a better place. He looks forward to Invisible becoming a billion-dollar company (and humans landing on Mars).

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