Outreach Campaigns

Customers use our worksharing service to generate and engage leads with speed, scale, and nuance.

Be first to your market.

Looking for a needle in a haystack? We bring you the right leads not just the most.
We've built a list of 20,000 candidates in a day. Making LinkedIn work for you.
Not only do we build your lists, we can run outreach too, in all common CRMs.

Example: We develop the pipeline for a rare subset of the housing market

The context

High volume of rare leads needed ASAP

One of our clients buys and flips single-family homes into a space for roommates. They need a high volume of rare properties, found quickly.

Our hybridized process, which leverages automations to scrape for listings by website and has people rate property beauty means our client can be first to market.

Our back-of-the-napkin suggests we've saved them $21,000 and 1600 hours from automations alone.

    The significance

    Be first to YOUR market.

    We can help with outreach campaigns, lead generation, and LinkedIn in general. We know our way around email marketing, too.

    What makes our services different? Unlike all the apps out there (which we also use), we're made to deliver speed, scale, and nuance.

    If your intended audience is hard to segment, or if your campaign multi-step across different platforms, we can help.


      1) Define targets
      Establish lead criteria in light of client's latest sales goals.
      2) Build the list
      Scrape housing sites for properties that meet criteria, like size, city, and number of bathrooms.
      3) Auto-qualify
      With the first standards met, we quality housing leads by zip code.
      4) Apply judgment
      Machines can say whether a house is in a 'good' zip code. They are not great at assessing whether a home is beautiful. We do that part.
      5) Deliver leads
      Leads are automatically delivered to the client.
      6) ROI
      The way we execute this process saves the client time and money.
      This is just a few of the tools and environments we work in. We have a list of 300 tools we're evaluating.

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