Personal Productivity

Customers use our worksharing service to optimize their personal workflows, schedule meetings, and Marie Kondo their inbox.

Spend less, imagine more.

No more tedious back-and-forth when booking meetings. We handle it for you.
Our assistant takes care of all the details, from buying items to expense reporting.
Tame that inbox. (Our CEO is our #1 client — he's always at Inbox Zero.)

Example: Invisible assistants help with business development

The context

On productivity

To optimize his days, our CEO Francis has delegated more than 14,000 jobs to his Invisible assistant, Keats. Asks range from groceries to meeting notes to business development.

For example, Francis uses our services to understand his network of relationships and to make strategic asks of his contacts. The semi-automated process is detailed to the right -->

Let's optimize.

    The significance

    Maximize collective productivity.

    Clients get that value, too.

    Nearly one half of Backed VC's [awesome] team have assistants. Vinay, the marketing lead sends Twitter research tasks. Daisy asks for help building out Affinity lists. The finance lead has quarterly reports updating on a schedule. Pascal sends scheduling requests.

    When a whole team uses the service, we enable collective productivity. Or, making the team that much more awesome.

    Says Vinay: "I'm a marketing department of one. So I'm the CMO and the junior assistant. Invisible takes care of the latter, so I can focus on the former."


      1) Make a social map
      We use tools to build a map of relationships.
      2) Research individuals
      Build profiles of all the actors.
      3) Organize opportunities
      Now, data on who we'd like to meet and who we already know is in one place.
      4) Refine opportunities
      Francis or a deputy decides on the asks..
      5) Send requests
      Francis and Keats work together to draft communications, track follow-up, and connect.
      6) ROI
      Francis is able to manage a very large network of people with a higher level of context than average.
      This is just a few of the tools and environments we work in. We have a list of 300 tools we're evaluating.

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      Magic Wand
      We built a tool to extract and sort menu data for structuring.
      Do the basics better
      This automation cut project management communication time in half.
      Emails for everyone
      Inside larger workflows, agents press "play" to find emails for everyone in a given domain.
      Many sources, one data set
      Our team presses "play" to run multi-source searches and store the data in once place.
      One touch formatting
      Our team presses play to polish data.

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