Platform Management

Customers use our worksharing service to execute business processes on demand. Including managing their platforms.

Less friction, more focus.

We have extensive experience in handling common tasks in modern CRM systems like SalesForce, Hubspot, and many more.
Managing social media is a full time job. We're an extension of you on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
We play nice with the cloud and your legacy systems. We learn your custom platform like the back of our hand.

Example: Facilitating on-platform exchanges between solar buyers and sellers

    The context

    Reduce transaction cost.

    We help a solar marketplace match buyers and sellers on their platform, where algorithms suggest matches, but can't fully facilitate matches or do post-close paperwork.

    Details on the process to the right.

      The significance

      Orchestrate seamless interactions.

      Companies trust us to log into and manage interactions their systems, just like a member of their team.

      We are especially useful to marketplaces who need scalable ways to facilitate exchange on their discrete platforms.

      Bonus: because of the way we work, clients often find they get many hands for the licensing fees of one.


        1) Agents log in
        Agents log in to the platform from AWS spaces.
        2) Algorithms suggest a match
        We use algorithms to suggest a match between buyers and sellers.
        3) Agents broker a deal
        Agents source leads for third party vendors and reach out via the platform.
        4) Follow-up is seamless
        Sellers respond with a match on their side.
        5) QA is the last step
        Agents QA the contract and upload it to the platform.
        The result? More matches on the platform
        Algorithms match solar buyers with solar sellars based on criteria.
        This is just a few of the tools and environments we work in. We have a list of 300 tools we're evaluating.

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