QA & Testing

Customers use our worksharing service to get all the details right.

Spend less, imagine more.

We augment your QA function in short order. We're another pair of eyes and another set of hands.
Validating data against complex rules is just another day at the (remote) office for us. The harder the better.

Example: We test the accuracy of 70,000 SKUs every day on a 2 hour SLA

The context

Scaling puts stress on inventory management

Our client's online marketplace has grown 4x MoM during the pandemic. They needed help ensuring inventory was accurate, and fast.

In the first month, this process was about 40% manpower and 60% automation. Now, the process is 90% automated, and our team does the QA.

    The significance

    QA for builders

    This demonstrates our ability to:

    —| Delivery immediate QA results
    —| Proactively improve procedures
    —| And mature operations fast

    If you're quality-checking the plane while you're flying it, we are distinctly suited to help.


      1) Download SKUs
      Client inventory records are auto-downloaded.
      2) Build comparison list
      Their marketplace is scraped to build a comparison list.
      3) Triangulate
      We compare data on both lists, adapting to formatting variances.
      4) Produce list of variances
      We produce a list of variances in the lists.
      5) People resolve mismatches
      To this point, automations have done the lion's share of this job. This is where our team steps in: they run through the error list to resolve discrepancies.
      6) ROI
      In addition to doing nuanced QA work at an affordable cost, we've proactively improved the operating procedure.
      This is just a few of the tools and environments we work in. We have a list of 300 tools we're evaluating.

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