Report Generation

Customers use our worksharing service to make sense of their world. To turn chaos into...a spreadsheet.

Spend less, imagine more.

From invoices to expense reporting, we handle all your financial reporting needs.
Wrangling all the analytics from your web tracking tools. We're here to make it easy.
Need a custom report generated? A slide deck to show the results? We're here for it.

Example: We're running a large-scale client survey from data to deck.

    The context

    From data to decks

    A Fortune 500 company needs product and service feedback from its many clients. They've got to gather the inputs quickly and synthesize output in a standardized visual language.

    We're executing it, gathering responses, and turning that into visual representations at scale.

      The significance

      Help wrangling data & running process

      We've got the wherewithal to wrangle your data into orderly decks and reports. For example, one VC had us parse 4,000 pitch decks to build a library of opportunities.

      We can handle big jobs, small jobs, or anything in between. We're also set-up to help you run the process of collecting d


        1) Distribute survey
        The client makes the plan, we execute.
        2) Capture responses
        We collect data and process results.
        3) Format results
        In this case, we're rendering results in Piktochart.
        4) Share out
        The client gets a boat-load of carefully crafted, consistent reports on each of their clients.
        5) ROI
        They don't have to find someone to do this!
        This is just a few of the tools and environments we work in. We have a list of 300 tools we're evaluating.

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