Processes get results.

Run your team procurement or personal purchasing processes using Invisible worksharing. Define your purchasing parameters, frequencies, and protocols, and your assistant will do the rest. We can run purchasing processes from beginning to end or jump into the most painful, manually taxing points of your protocols to build your capacity without driving your team insane. 

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Completed Orders

For example
Packed executive calendars leave little time for the little things.
An executive has Invisible purchase gifts, including donations, on his behalf.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Hildah Azangalala

Hildah Azangalala is responsible for routing, scoping, and quality assurance in Invisible, before Invisible Hildah was a virtual assistant and student. She is a proud law school graduate who recently got her bar. Something personally important to her is taking care of her 2 pets, her dog Tokyo, and her cat Zuki. She joined Invisible because he likes the transparent work environment and the consistent growth Invisible provides, both professionally and personally. She looks forward to continuing her career in law, she plans to one day own a law firm that advocates human rights.

Faizan Anwar

Faizan Anwar is a router, scoper, operator, QA, and project manager for Invisible. Before Invisible, he was an accountant for a Cancer Society! One of his proudest accomplishments was to be the first in his family to own a car, and one of the things personally important to him is praying. Faizan is a family man and a religious person.

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