Quality Assurance

Processes get results.

QA the outputs of workflows or business processes whether they are completed by your team or a third party vendor. When good enough, isn’t. Use worksharing to add a quality assurance layer onto your business process teams. Are you training machine learning models? See Data Verification to outsource verification or annotation processes to increase your model’s accuracy.

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Accurate Deliverables

For example
Candidates with unverified work histories.
Candidates with known work histories.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Nadine Jost

Nadine Jost is responsible for menu updates for delivery companies, and QA. Before Invisible, she was a social media analyst. She’s very proud of being able to deadlift 308 pounds! She thinks it is important to exercise, she’s a qualified personal trainer and enjoys spending time at the gym as well as helping people join programs to reach their goals. She is also looking forward to moving to Germany.

Peter Roos

Peter Roos is responsible for 3 things at Invisible: leading a team of 15 and guiding them to run like a well oiled machine, providing support to his lead, and being batman. Jokes aside, Peter was a fully qualified insurance broker for 10 years before Invisible. A cool fact about him is that he represented his country in a hockey tournament! The most important thing to him is his family, he’s in Invisible because he “identified the massive growth potential and grabbed the opportunity by the horns”. He looks forward to make new memories and enjoying every moment spent with his team at Invisible, as well as “ taking over the world”.

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