Make the internet your database.

Processes get results.

The information you need lives on the internet in droves. But it takes way too long to find it all, organize it, and take action in a way that makes sense. Maybe you're looking for lists of potential investments. By the time you've found the information and organized it, the opportunity is lost. Or, maybe you're building a marketplace that needs up to date information about who's who and who is offering what. ‍

Whatever your purpose, Invisible deploy crawlers and scripts and scrapers out into the world looking for the exact information you need, and structure it too. You'll get the list of leads, the inventory you need, or the information you need all from the comfort of your preferred workflows.

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Robust, Original Data Sets

For example
A list of service providers without good contact information.
A list of service providers with good contact information.
Poor price data by location.
Prices sourced by location.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Grace Mumo

Grace Mumo is responsible for data entry and enrichment , file management, and executive support as well as balancing her responsibility as iron man. She worked as an Intern in one of the Embassies/High Commissions in Kenya before Invisible. She thinks that mentoring young people is very important and prioritizes family and friends. She joined Invisible because she thinks that it is a great place to work in and has created a work opportunity for many unemployed people from all over the world. She looks forward to achieving her goals and ticking things off her bucket list.

David Njoki

David Njoki is responsible for operating, QAing and leading a small group of operators. Before Invisible, he was a freelancer at Upwork and he is proud of the fact that he pays his own bills without depending on anyone else. It is important for him to lead small teams and he’s at Invisible because he loves what he does because of the growth he experiences at invisible. He looks forward to getting to know every person in Invisible.

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