Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Processes get results.

Some social media activity requires a true creative. Coming up with the messaging, the concepts, snappy visuals. And sometimes you need a strategist to find the right hashtags.

But once the core assets are done and the strategy is set, often social media doesn’t require a great copywriter, but a great riffer. Invisible follows scripts you establish to help increase the volume of consistent content your brand publishes every day. In addition, Invisible can help monitor all activity, maintain follower lists in other key databases, and suggest people to follow.

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Improved Presence on Social

For example
Relevant groups to follow (and be followed by) were trapped in Facebook.
Groups are followed and logged.
On social can be hard to find.
In this case we made them easy to reach.

Behind the Scenes

We think processes should be like a movie's credit reels. Here are some of the people and tools who regularly ensure we deliver.

Grace Wanjiku

Grace Wanjiru is responsible for web searching and lead generation in Invisible. Before Invisible, she was a pre-sales engineer for 3 years in a startup! She is passionate in helping others and buys acres of land to dedicate her time to serve her community. She is in Invisible because she loves technology and thinks Invisible gives her an opportunity to grow and learn. She looks forward to growing more and flattening the learning curve.

Karlo Imperial

Karlo Imperial is responsible for list management, lead generation and data clean up in Invisible, before Invisible, he was a payroll business analyst for 2.5 years and then transitioned to an investment financial representative for 1 year. Aside from his diverse work experience, he is proud of having been able to pay off the house that he purchased! Karlo is a family man who always makes sure that he has time and is able to provide for them. He’s in Invisible because he recognized that Invisible doesn't just hire people, Invisible helps you build your career. Karlo looks forward to being able to travel again, to experience new things and meet new people!

Select Tools

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