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Worksharing combines outsourcing and automation to give you simple, scalable bandwidth. Nearly 70% of our customers are marketplaces.

Marketplaces use our seven core processes to...

Source suppliers and buyers
Standardize and digitize menus
Vet suppliers and buyers
Automate stakeholder communications
Manage custom outreach campaigns
Onboard vendors and contractors
Manage bookkeeping
Update subscription and order details
Manage catalogues & inventory
Respond to customer inquiries
Manage document workflows
Update data on technical back-ends

Seven Core Processes

List Building
Supply Curation
Data Transformation
Lead Scoring
CRM Management
Custom Outreach
Document Workflow

See Examples

List Building Helps New York Get Back to Work

Ever had to leave work to go to the dentist? No need for that anymore. Our client brings dental care to the workplace– preventative, restorative, and orthodontic. And now? COVID testing, too.

In addition to managing a large portion of their back office operations - from scheduling to managing patient outreach to helping keep project managers updated - Invisible builds lists of thousands of leads each week, helping the team stand up this new offering fast.

Says the team: “it’s amazing to be able to just ask for something and forget about it.”

Supply Curation for a Housing Startup Means 2 More Hours / Day.

An ambitious Series B housing startup is solving the problems of affordable housing and loneliness at once. They make single-family homes great places for single roommates to live in eleven of America’s fastest growing cities. Residents enjoy beautiful homes, built-in services (like lawn care), vetted roommates, flexible leases, and hip neighborhoods, at prices far lower than living in a single unit on your own. For landlords? They guarantee payment, occupancy, and a higher price. The hard part? Finding a scalable way to choose properties.

Before Invisible, account executives spent 2 hours a day building inventory of properties, not including management time. Now, Invisible helps generate hundreds of leads each day, while account managers direct their efforts to more complex tasks. The team, who has tried other outsourcing services, said we stood out for responsiveness, price, and speed.

Data Transformation Helps Trend Analytics Leads Double Time

Ex-Googlers founded an intelligence platform designed to ”organize the chaos of CPG.” It sorts through billions of signals to make sense of consumer wants and needs. Their business challenge was finding a way to scale data processing collection and organization.

Before Invisible, the team’s ops manager used Upwork to get this done. But this took a ton of his time, it wasn’t scalable, and intelligence wasn’t easily leveraged across projects. Today, Invisible processes 5000 keywords each week for the team. Since we are self-coordinating and we check quality, we’ve freed up nearly 50% of the operations’ manager’s time. They can exponentially scale their discovery capacity without incurring exponential costs.

A Career Accelerator Saves 100 Hours / Week from Lead Scoring

Did school prepare you for your job? Probably not. It also probably didn’t prepare you for the job search. This career accelerator has successfully placed 98% of its 500 participants at great tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and more. A key to their success is their pre-screening process, it’s also challenging to scale.

Before Invisible, the team spent roughly 100 hours each week reviewing applications. Now, Invisible does that. In our partnership, the team has full visibility into our work and the power to fully redirect their attention to getting to know candidates more deeply.

VC for Challenger Brands Uses Invisible to Organize Contacts

Europe’s investment scene has grown a lot in the past few years. One VC that exists to back challenger brands uses us to help manage their enormous network of relationships.

The team uses Invisible to source deals, schedule meetings, create branded templates, and manage intelligence on everything from deal flow patters to the degree to which their brands are equitable.

Custom Outreach helped a Series B Health Tech Company Scale User Acquisition

A behavioral health technology company created a platform that gives employers the power to invest in employee health.Their outcomes are impressive: users lose weight, quit smoking, even show statistically significant mental health improvements. The operational challenges? Scaling user engagement inside companies and growing sales operations.

Before Invisible, the growth team at this Series B company used a mix of disparate sales and marketing tools to to handle user acquisition and sales development. With Invisible’s support, they’ve managed to scale outreach campaigns (think 30K users) and they’ve doubled their existing team's capacity.

Solar Provider Uses Document Workflow to Create Custom Deals at Scale

Oil’s down, but renewables aren’t. Why don’t more people switch? Answer: it’s not simple to do. One of our customers helps local homeowners price solar providers and finance the cost of going green.They’ve sequestered 160 million pounds of carbon and counting. Their business challenge? Matching the right local solar provider to customers is a high friction, highly customized process.

Before Invisible, the team paid a contractor $15 an hour to gather tedious data from satellite images and create custom proposals – but this resource wasn’t scalable. Invisible uses image recognition technologies, a team of people, and automation tools to create 100 custom pitches / week. The team has begun to use us for other processes, like invoicing, as well.

List Building
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Supply Curation
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Data Transformation
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Lead Scoring
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CRM Management
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Custom Outreach
Get results again and again. We get better, cheaper, and faster every time.
Document Workflow
Get results again and again. We get better, cheaper, and faster every time.

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More Processes

Policy Management
Invisible Technologies unlocks the capacity of businesses by allowing individuals and teams to focus on the work that matters most to their continued success. We do this by providing our clients an assistant, powered by a global workforce and machines to deliver digital work faster, better, and cheaper.
Claims Processing
Your invisible assistant is powered by both human agents and machines. We select, train, and employ hundreds of remote agents from around the world. We have a 7% acceptance rate for agents who apply to join our global workforce.


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