Meet Invisible Technologies

Customers use our worksharing service to execute business processes on demand.

Spend less, imagine more.

Managed thousands of
processes this year
Leverages FTEs,
costs 30-50% less
BPO & RPA but a
better experience
Impact in days,
scale in weeks
SOC II compliant,
proven track record

Run your business processes on demand.

Whether the ask is BPO big or personal assistant-precise, we're ready to help tomorrow.
  • Data Entry & Cleaning
  • Data Enrichment
  • Custom Data
  • Data Verification
  • QA
  • CRM Management
  • Proprietary Platforms
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen
  • Sales List Building
  • Sending Outreach
  • Reports for Customers
  • Finance Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Inbox Management
  • Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • General Research
  • Scraping

Execute processes unique to your business, too.

Some business problems are the same for everyone; some aren't. We're made to help with those.
Plays nice with legacy systems.
Not quite digitally transformed yet? We run processes in puberty.
Useful for odd scaling jobs.
Clients come to us to scale their particular processes.
Maximizes collective productivity.
Everyone on your team can use us for their unique workflows.
p.s. Ever used a 3D printer? You can print common objects or unique ones with ease. We're like that, but we print results.
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How? Automations and people in perfect harmony.

We're organized to execute customer processes with the right blend of automation and the human touch.

Processes are mapped

Customers tell us what they want over email or Zoom. We turn it into an easy-to-edit standard operating procedure.

Automations are added in

We don't automate whole processes at once. Our approach is progressive automation. One step at a time keeps agility.

Processes run, with judgment

Many processes require lots of tiny judgments which do not likewise require content expertise. Our people are the best.

That's all behind the scenes.

Customers get a partner committed to results.

Your team includes a project manager as well as a digital assistant that you get to name. We document your processes, manage to quality, and make sure the people & tech are there to run them. Here's how the service would feel if your assistant's name was "Superman."

"Hi Superman, can you

transform 500 menus / tomorrow?
process 4K claims in a month.
reconcile an inventory of 19K
products every day.
schedule meetings with founders.
find thousands of pieces of art.
build lists of candidates.

Sure, here's what you asked for."


10K+ B2B2C user acquisition campaigns

20,000 candidates in a day

13,000 parking lots found


5,000 insurance policies updated this year

14,000 videos transcribed in a month

35,000 menus structured this year

5,000 contracts parsed this year


8,000 status updates

1,000 work order updates


6,000 mortgage change requests

500 triages in the past 6 months


5,000 keywords parsed each week

10,000 art galleries this year and counting

Side effects of worksharing may include increased capital efficiency, productivity, or time for dinner with your family.

Start growing your business
with Invisible today.

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