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You've already got processes that work - we can run them. You can also use seven different templated process types to get a variety of outcomes.
Seven Processes, Many Results
We run processes that are full of tiny decision, making them hard to automate but easy for a non-expert to do. Some estimate this is nearly half of the average person's day. These six process types can be applied to get near-infinite outcomes.
Build lists
Find suppliers
We help clients find qualified suppliers for their marketplaces.
Find investments
Investors build lists of investment prospects, aggregating data from decks, Crunchbase, and the universe.
Generate leads
Run criteria-based vetting when automations break or when data is irregular.
Find email addresses
Find email addresses...many, many email addresses. Not to break the fourth wall, but the person writing this copy found 3,000 last week.
Find parking spaces
Do you need a huge list of parking spaces? Probably not, but we've found more than 13,000 of them this year.
Find art galleries
Fun fact: we've helped build relationships with more than 10,000 art galleries this year.
Source candidates
Once upon a time, a client needed help sourcing 20,000 candidate prospects every day. So, we did.
Find phone numbers
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Also, people with accurate contact information. Clearbit can't find everything.
Tag lists
Qualify leads
We make the qualitative judgment calls that confuse automation workflows. So sales teams talk with the best people.
Qualify candidates
We apply criteria-based judgments to large batches of candidates, like a junior sourcing specialist.
Organize address books
It's all who you know. Unless they aren't in your address book. We keep records straight for leaders.
Organize user feedback
Organize user feedback from disparate sources into meaningful data sets.
Enrich records
We find and use the best stack of third-party tools to enrich records, and roll up our sleeves when the tools are stumped or can't deliver on a custom request.
Transform data
Organize ATSs
Give Greenhouse, Lever, or any other system the attention it deserves.
Clean CRMs
Give CRMs the makeover, and maintenance, they deserve.
Manage inventory #SKU
Fun fact: we've verified more than 200K SKUs in the past two quarters.
Parse contracts
Fun fact: We've parsed more than 5,000 contracts this year.
Structure menus
We've structured and (and QA'ed) more than 10,000 menus, in different languages in the past six months alone.
Transcribe or tag videos
We've transcribed meetings for top journalists and annotated up to 14,000 videos in a month.
Add contacts
Is a contact that's not in (Salesforce / Hubspot / Affinity / LinkedIn) really a contact? It's not. We make sure it gets there.
Update insurance policies
Fun fact: we've helped clients update 5,000 insurance policies this year.
Run outreach
Clean inboxes
Get to inbox 0 and stay there.
Manage campaigns
Run four-step sequences that need the tiniest bits of judgment.
Make phone calls
Complete calls. Like 6,000 calls.
Initiate connections
Send hundreds of connection requests.
Draft emails
Got a semi-automated email drafting process? Us, too. Our team fills in the gaps.
Contact leads
Startup founders engage us to connect with prospective hires. CMOs run B2B2C customer acquisition campaigns with 20K prospects.
Gather intelligence
Stay compliant
Keep up to date on compliance changes.
Prepare briefs
Our CEO is in about 4 hours of external meetings every day. We use our own tools to send him a detailed briefing of every external meeting.
Understand competitors
Build a structured list of your competitors' features, cross-referencing features, benefits, and reviews.
Source keywords
Algorithms eat keywords for breakfast. In seriousness, we help clients source 10,000 keywords a week for product, marketing or otherwise.
Manage workflows
Onboard suppliers
Get new marketplace suppliers onboarded and organized.
Maintain catalogues
Keep inventory and catalogue operations running seamlessly. Did we mention that we've updated 20K SKUs this year?
Handle sales inquiries
We run the customer support inbox for a number of big markeplaces. Their teams now do...other stuff.
Upload assets
We help clients upload and organize assets on their tech platofrms. One client's time-to-live doubled.
Run triages
Run 500 triages.
Upload insurance policies
So you need to upload thousands of policies, format them properly, and connect them to workflows.
Send work order updates
Send more than 1K work updates.
Create folders
We've created more than 500 Dropbox folders this year. We stopped counting before we got to Zoom.
Process disputes
We've helped clients process hundreds of disputes this year, liaising directly with banks. Sometimes we work on a 3 hour SLA.
Mortgage change requests
Execute mortgage change requests easily. We've helped with 6,000 this year.
Send status updates
We've sent more than 5,000 status updates for our clients this year. Actually, 5,730. We literally counted.
Log activity
Our clients are heroes - we're support scribes. We've logged more than 3,000 status updates this year.
Complete onboarding
Execute that long onboarding checklist for customers, hires, vendors, etc.
Surprise us!

That doesn't include 18,000 hours of custom work.

Few processes, many outcomes! If you can describe what you need done in steps, we can probably get it done.

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