🔎 Why worksharing works
Our unique combination of technology and people power gives you flexible scale.

Graduate from "or" to "and"

We can deliver efficiency and flexibility because of our unique blend of progressive automation and coordinated labor. See the overview of our tech and meet our people.


Flexible scale

We invented a new way of organizing people and technology that means you get flexible, simple judgments and scale. It's a product-powered service that works because of a combination of technology and people. Here's how it works.


What you need is scoped.

When you share work with your Invisible team, it gets logged and scoped on our operations management platform, the digital assembly line.

Steps are automated.

Next, we use the process builder to turn your instructions into a repeatable process, automating steps when we can.

Organized teams execute.

Then remaining work is batched and assigned to a vetted, managed team who utilize third party tools to complete jobs fast and well. (You can learn more about our team below.)

Leads check & deliver.

Last, work is quality checked by the most senior members of our team and delivered to clients where they need it, when they need it.

You keep total visibility

You can see progress in "The Client Portal", which is almost as magical as it sounds. There, you can:
  • See live work status
  • Review and rate all work
  • Increase/decrease capacity on demand
  • Scale individual processes
  • See team usage and ROI
  • Add new members
  • Initiate new delegations
It's secure. Client work is done on Amazon workspaces - no data can be downloaded. All work is recorded and PII is protected. This might be more secure than your own operations.

Who does the work?

Meet Our Agents

Our team of agents are - in a word - awesome. The roster includes lawyers, engineers, and even former JP Morgan leaders. Our acceptance rate is about 7% (Harvard's is 5%). Our retention rate is 20%. For example, one of our agents, Brighton, has worked with Invisible for more than five years. Check out interviews with just a few of them.


Agent in Brazil
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