We are a tight-knit group of 26 partners and several hundred agents.

Our business has grown 4x this year.

I was told Invisible always has new things coming up to work upon and I hate redundancy, so that's exactly why I'm here.
Partners are full time co-owners of the business, located around the world. Agents work directly on client projects.

Aimee Samac

Chief of Staff
Mother of Reason. Challenge Seeker. Life Producer. Aimee's a problem solver to the core. Solutions are her quest and problems are the food that fuels her epic journey. She finds extreme fulfillment and personal joy in supporting visionaries to realize their own personal legend. Aimee thrives in an environment where she can provide passionate support and at the same time learn and grow both professionally and personally. Her chameleon-like spirit allows her to move between chaos and order and back again when necessary.

Andrea Stevens

Account Director
Andrea loves startups, her husband, and her Maltese dogs. She started her own venture-backed company in 2002 and loves the energy startups bring. She believes "thoughts held in mind are what we create" and that each person is on the planet to be both a teacher and to remain teachable, we just need to be awake to which we are called to do in each moment.

Atusa Weiss

Account Director
Before joining Invisible, Atusa spent seven years in the insurance industry after a successful career, she looked for a change in pace and a way to create larger positive global impact. She is also a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Atusa enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family, going to the shooting range, walks on the beach, volunteering with Rotary and enjoying each moment in life as much as she possibly can.

Christopher Chavez

Senior Product Manager
Chris works with stakeholders to identify and eliminate obstacles in order to achieve a value-rich customer experience. He coordinates across teams to connect products, stories, and teams to Invisible's vision for a more liberated future of work. When he's not turning obstacles into opportunities, Chris is likely spending time in his kitchen or enjoying the great outdoors with family around his home base in East Palo Alto, CA.

Daniel Herrera

Operations Manager
Coming Soon

David Zamora Márquez

Product Designer
A Design idealist, a sport nerd and a hopeless romantic. Dave has helped scale businesses and launch products and companies from the ground up, always trying to blur the boundaries between disciplines and industries. From traditional media to emerging technologies he believes design holds the key towards a more human and sensible future.

Francis Pedraza

Francis leads a team of 250 people and raised $6M in capital to build Invisible, a disruptive work-automation company that provides custom operations support to scaling businesses. Previously, Francis raised $2.6M from top investors to build a social-network based on “what you do” not “who you know.” He interned at Google after studying history at Cornell. People who’ve worked with Francis say his strategy comes from “clear, deep thinking,” that he excels at “building models, communicating vision, and motivating his team.” Most importantly he’s refreshingly honest about success, failures, and his learnings along the way. By the time he dies, he hopes to have read all the Penguin classics.

Gabriel Altemann

Junior Software Engineer
Ayn Rand's Anthem became Gabriel's own personal anthem -- a call to action to question his motivations and purpose in life. Shortly after reading Anthem, Gabriel left his steady job at a software company and now lives with two goals in mind. The first, which is a short-term one, is to learn javascript. Once he learns this, he will be better equipped to help Invisible grow faster. The second goal is a life-long mission. He hopes to travel and learn about as many cultures as possible.

Hayley Darden

Director of Marketing
Hayley grew up in Georgia and fled for the Midwest where she studied how political organization and belief inform each other (political theology). Since, she's had an 8 year career hiring social innovators, building talent functions, and developing programming to foster urban high-school student's potential. Hayley hosts high-concept events, makes friends easily, and dances often.

Jay Kumar

Head of Sales
Hungry to become the next entrepreneurial disruptor of his generation, Jay sprinted with a lean start-up pace throughout the first three years of his undergrad career. Jay spent countless hours in search of the "it" project-- experimenting in gait rehabilitation for MS patients, building apps, producing podcasts and designing electronic braking systems. As fast as he could he would test, fail, iterate, rinse, repeat. Jay is embarking on a new project as Account Director at Invisible. With a new mission ahead on the horizon, he is switching gears to a marathon pace. He still runs toward disruption but is tempered by what he sees ahead of him-- a rare glimpse of greatness.

Joe Chittenden-Veal

Head of Automation
Joe has had a career as a strategy consultant, product manager, data scientist and venture capital investor. He joined Invisible after leading a $1M investment into the company's Seed round while on the investment team at Greycroft. After 6 months on the board, he decided to jump over and get his hands dirty. Joe now leads both automation and finance at Invisible. Joe's vision is to build Invisible into the ultimate get sh*t done machine, where all you need do is ask your Invisible assistant and the rest is left to the magic of AI, automation & scaled human intelligence.

Jordan Parr

Operations Manager
Jordan is a dynamic and earnest professional with numerous years of academic achievement and over 7 years of business experience in personnel management, strategic development, resource planning, and inventory assestment. As a highly effective communicator and critical thinker, Jordan leads by example, inspiring and unifying team members towards shared goals and a productive culture.

Julien Demarque

Software Engineer
On a mission of continual self-improvements. Studying just works! I put goals far enough so I can dream big, see things in the larger context, and aim for the best. I believe in the power of working and communicating with care, and making your team members your allies to build masterpieces together. I enjoy looking at the psychology behind our actions to understand how to make us efficient workers, better society builders, and happy in the moment at the same time. In my free time I play guitar, go to the gym and cook tofu, because tofu is love.

Kamron Palizban

VP of Operations
With StarCraft grand-master strategic abilities, Kamron has personally interviewed and hired each agent on the Invisible team. His ability to see not only the gifts of each person, but their dreams and potential to actualize is the bedrock of Invisible’s culture of humility, courage, curiosity, and honor. Kamron’s admiration for the human spirit has defined Invisible, at its core, as a group of insanely beautiful people who engage with the mysteries of life.

Keenahn Jung

Senior Software Engineer
Keenahn is currently building technology that will minimize the BS in life and maximize the time and resources needed for everyone to actualize their happiness. He does so while on the move as a nomad in search of the mythical geographical cure. For Keenahn, long-term happiness is akin to running a marathon-- extended bouts of dedicated training, steadfast endurance and unobstructed focus that ultimately lead to an efficient path toward long-lasting satisfaction.

Manoj Doshi

Director of Operations Automations
Prior to Invisible, Manoj founded 3 startups, spent 15+ years in corporate life. Manoj brings a blend of delivery, product, consulting, lean startup experience. A simple desire - "to do what he loves to do" - brought him to Invisible - a band of pirates, dreamers, hustlers, philosophers, poets... As Manager of Quality, he's curious, questions everything, analyzes. Hunches, data, conversations, observations - he uses every trick to find opportunities, to improve every facet of Invisible's Operations. Think scale, think lean, think simplicity - he balances moving at "speed of light" with "slow thinking & reflection".\n\nManoj characterizes himself as a "collector of experiences".. people, cultures, travels, adventures, food, design.. he collects experiences, firmly believing that's the sole reason for him to be brought on mother earth.

Marshall Sutherland

Prior to Invisible, Marshall worked in an organization that shared many of the same principles that exist within Invisible: the desire for excellence, meritocracy, radical transparency, radical truth, radical feedback-- all aspects that drew him to Invisible. In this culture, he learned to temper and manage his ego in the face of radical vulnerability. It is the openness to feedback Marshall believes is crucial for growth.

Martin Santana

Operations Manager
Martin has held a number of executive roles in the logistics and communications industries over the last decade, gaining critical experience in supply chain opertations. Originally from the Dominican Republic, the beach is his favorite place. Why is he at Invisible? He says: "it represents my vision of the feauture. Companies need to concentrate on their core business while we take care of helping them reach that goal. We are the bike of the mind."

Michael Deatrick

Operations Manager
Georgia Tech graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Experience in the automotive and construction industry before my time at Invisible.

Morgan Sutherland

Operations Manager
The Army inculcated a commitment within Morgan to act honorably. To hold oneself accountable on the path to excellence. To shine a light on the truth. To welcome feedback as a critical tool. To chase success for those who rely on him with dogged determination. Morgan is dedicated to going above and beyond in delivering for Invisible’s clients, down to the smallest detail. When he is not busy greasing Invisible’s gears, he can be found offering up endless advice on how to upgrade your entertainment choices.

Mukund Govindarajan

Growth Product Manager
Mukund is Invisible's Growth Product Manager. He obsesses with attracting customers that have challenges that we have solutions for. He has been fondly called the Forrest Gump of the outsourcing industry due to his being at the right place, right time and the hairiest unsurmountable challenge. Having worked in operations, client management, marketing consulting in the past, he fit right into Invisible and feels like the Swiss Army Knife of the team. He is most proud of his two boys' cricketing skills though.

Natalie Boustani

Head of Finance
Born and raised in Beirut, Natalie thrives in environments where creativity, problem solving, and fast-paced hustle intersect. Multilingual, with a focus in International Business, she earned her MBA from U.S.C, gaining small business and Fortune 100 experience in her tenures managing global finance and analytics. The excitement of joining Invisible parallels the excitement she carries tending to her garden, where a healthy environment, diversity, and inventive solutions produce the magic of life. Deeply devoted to the craft of the workplace and being a supporting teammate, she thrives best when push comes to grind. When that work is done, however, she believes firmly in sharing meals, wide open landscapes, family, and an impossibly cute Frenchie named Ripley.

Pieter Venter

Senior Software Engineer
Pieter has always been into computers and coding. He is constantly learning and improving his own knowledge and set of skills. He likes working on the latest tech whilst sticking to proven best practices. After studying in Stellenbosch and then working for several years in the Cape Town area, Pieter is now working remotely from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China. Pieter is independent and individualistic; strong-minded and determined. Venturesome, he’ll stick his neck out and take responsibility for what he believes is right. The challenge of new problems and new ventures is stimulating, and he responds with action.

Rodrigo de Oliveira

Software Engineer
Taking the road less traveled, Rodrigo quit university in pursuit of self-taught learning of everything there is to know about software engineering. Though this field was entirely new for Rodrigo, his hunger to learn and desire to change the world kept him from looking back. Not long after leaving school, he learned about Invisible and its mission to build a future that would give people more free time to be creative. What would I do if I had more time, he thought. “I would study more and analyze data, build on top of probability research and do empirical data research to build the future.” The first step though, Rodrigo realized, is to learn how to be a software engineer by developing the front and back end systems for Invisible. During this process he is acquiring not only the technical skills but also the leadership skills that will be necessary to guide teams into the next wave of possibilities.

Samuel Mata

Director of Operations
Sam has worked in the outsourcing industry for about 10 years and has experience working with clients from different sectors and countries; he has the vision that great customer experience is key to success and growth and has experienced this reality over his time working in the service industry.\nSam loves to travel with his young family, play the piano and read as much as time allows.

Scott Downes

Scott is relentlessly curious and resists being defined too narrowly. He’s a technologist and a businessman, a programmer and a designer, a musician and a writer, a father and a coach. Scott is a veteran CTO who has built and led engineering, product, design, and marketing teams at multiple growth stage startups. He’s also served as a coach and advisor with a particular focus on the challenges faced by leaders in startups. What unites all of the threads of his life is a passion for creating beautiful things, be they songs or apps or stories or teams.

Sebastiaan van Kuyk

Senior Product Manager
Sebastiaan van Kuyk is Director of Product for Automation and Security, where he drives inception, creation, and deployment of technologies across the company. As well as being a full stack engineer, he brings with him experience from a variety of different startups ranging from entertainment to growth-hacking and crypto. Invisible’s mission to disrupt work and build the future of decentralized labor is naturally attractive to the serial futurist in Sebastiaan, as well as his inner nomad. When he’s not plugged in, you'll find him building and riding vintage motorcycles, kitesurfing, or anything else adrenaline-filled and hazardous.

Wendy Yu

Wendy spent the first phase of her career as an industrial and manufacturing engineer between Philly and China. She then earned her MBA from Babson College and spent several years bringing renewables and energy efficiency to Southern California. She now focuses on growth at Invisible, serving high-growth startups, allowing them to scale efficiently. Outside of Invisible, she serves on the leadership team of Seed Consulting Group, providing pro-bono strategy consulting to environmental non-profits. When she's not working, she's likely playing golf, tennis, or her latest obsession - spikeball.

Zack Singh

Software Engineer
With over 8+ years of experience in the technology, marketing, and finance sectors, Zack brings his passion to create tools that improve life and happiness to Invisible. A tech enthusiast, a problem-solver, a musician, a learner, and a traveller, Zack is driven by a desire to empower people to connect more with the world around them. When not carefully constructing complex web apps, Zack can most likely be found playing guitar, or searching for the perfect stash of snow on a mountain somewhere.

Kartik Bharadwaj

Kartik helps with team management and training for Invisible’s Operations team, helping to manage outcomes for 6 clients at the same time. One of his core values is contribution—being a citizen and a leader at Invisible and beyond is important to him. His favorite thing about being at Invisible is the transparency, growth, culture, and “the best leadership team.”

Yakub Khamis

Yakub Khamis is responsible for lead generation, data clean up, and web scraping in Invisible, before Invisible he was a quality analyst for 2 years. He is an avid FIFA gamer and won a PS4(FIFA) tournament during a tough season! He has always aspired to become a motivational speaker and joined Invisible because he loves the transparency and the support Invisible provides. His dream is to one day own a successful business to support his family.

Valerie Mukasia

Valerie Mukasia is responsible for scheduling and shopping for Invisible. She is a student working part time in Invisible and is a proud cat owner. To her, family is the most important thing in life. She works at Invisible because she thinks Invisible is homely, inclusive and a fun work environment, she looks forward to becoming a full time operator at Invisible when she graduates.

Sarah Wanga

Sarah Wanga is responsible for lead generation, Salesforce candidate reviews, and data enrichment in Invisible, before Invisible, she worked on job aggregation. A self made woman, One of her proudest accomplishments was starting her own business together with her sisters! She finds making the most out of experiences very important and that’s one of the reasons she’s in Invisible, to learn as much as possible from a rapidly growing startup.

Sarah Nyaruai

Sarah Nyaruai is an agent in Invisible responsible for menu extraction, before Invisible, she was a chef by profession. Sarah loves to cook both local and international dishes, she is a talented chef that enjoys cooking in her spare time and pours that same passion on food into her work as an agent in Invisible. She joined Invisible to learn and to grow alongside the company. She hopes to one day meet everyone in Invisible physically!

Saad Ali

Saad Ali is an Invisible admin responsible for admin tasks relating to data like admin data entry & enrichment. Before Invisible, he was a freelance data operator. He is proud of having purchased almost all of his dream equipment. What is important to him is to work hard and try to learn new things. He joined Invisible because he thinks of Invisible’s community as a family, working towards a common goal. His goal in the future is to continue to challenge himself and grow.

Ruth Gichina

Ruth Gichina is an agent in Invisible involved with the delivery team, responsible for Menu triage, menu building and menu quality assurance. Ruth was a software developer and still works on developing her skills in her spare time. Ruth even developed a windows mobile application (Hymnalite), an e-hymn book, and published it on the windows store! Aside from her hobby in developing softwares and determination to improve, she is very devoted to her family. She joined Invisible in the hopes of creating a positive impact on society. She looks forward to doing so in the future by providing software development services through her own IT company.

Rudolf Dza

Rudolf Dza is an agent responsible for menu extraction for Invisible's delivery clients. Before Invisible, he was a freelance web applications developer and worked with an oil company. Rudolf teaches children basic programming and information technology in his spare time! Rudolf is in InvisibIe because he want to learn, have a great time with awesome people and be part of "the next big thing".

Rey Segundo

Rey Segundo is responsible for web research, data extraction, and administrative work in Invisible, before Invisible he was a youth leader in a church! A proud achievement for him was bringing people closer to Christ, as a devout Christian, he really values his relationship to God.

Prabhat Hira

Prabhat Hira is a Growth squad lead in Invisible, he is responsible for scoping, learning client delegations, teaching agents those delegations, and facilitating work. The work includes lead generation, data processing, everything growth includes! Before Invisible, Parbhat was a freelancer for 5 years, worked in various industries including customer service, real estate, automation, reporting and analytics. The most important skills he learned was to make sure he was able to learn anything and everything, adapt fast - and he understands requirements quickly and efficiently. Prabhat is a family man that loves spending time with his family, especially his 9 year old son.

Oscar Barrios

Oscar Barrios is responsible for scoping, operating, communicating with clients and quality assurance in Invisible. Before Invisible, Oscar worked on operations in factories. A unique skill that he has is that he can make a very good passion fruit wine. He thinks that efficiency is extremely important and he is in Invisible because he likes working at home and being paid in dollars. He looks forward to growing alongside the company.

Oliver Kiprono

Oliver Kiprono is responsible for quality assurance in Invisible, before Invisible he was an aggregate job technician. Oliver is an avid soccer fan, he enjoys watching soccer and meeting friends as well as making new friends is how he relaxes outside of work. Oliver is in Invisible because he wants to follow Invisible’s journey of growth and innovation.

Octavio Lindolpho

Octavio Lindolpho is responsible for data cleansing, lead generation, and web scrapping at Invisible. He was an office manager at a restaurant before Invisible and he is proud of traveling around Europe 4 different times. He considers honesty as something very important to him and he’s in Invisible because he’s always wanted to work from home and hone his ability to speak English. He looks forward to traveling around the world.

Nelson Tum

Nelson Tum is responsible for data entry and formatting at Invisible, before Invisible, he was a freelance graphic designer and animation artist. He is a creative person that works hard to achieve his goals in life. He finds supporting his family very important and joined Invisible to give him a control and freedom in his career.

Nadine Jost

Nadine Jost is responsible for menu updates for delivery companies, and QA. Before Invisible, she was a social media analyst. She’s very proud of being able to deadlift 308 pounds! She thinks it is important to exercise, she’s a qualified personal trainer and enjoys spending time at the gym as well as helping people join programs to reach their goals. She is also looking forward to moving to Germany.

Maria Valecillos

Maria Valecillos is responsible for generating weekly reports for angel investors, research for venture capital firms, and transferring data for the company. Before Invisible she managed a furniture factory with 60 employees! She uses those management skills to use at Invisible and in life, being able to balance being an active mom with 2-kids while working from home. She’s in Invisible because she likes to add value to the work done at Invisible as well as making things easier for clients. She looks forward to keeping up the good work!

Kim Ryan

Kim Ryan is an agent in Invisible responsible for data extraction and data organization, whilst working in Invisible, she is also pursuing her degree in mechanical engineering! People in Invisible describe her as having a bubbly and contagious personality that lights up every room. As a huge follower of the christian faith, she invests a lot of time in people and her church. She joined Invisible because she loves that it lets people from all over the world come together and work towards a common goal. Bringing people together through technology is amazing! She looks forward to seeing new ways which people can connect and see the company grow.

Kelvin Muriungi

Kelvin Muriungi is an agent responsible for menu extraction in Invisible. He used to work as a data analyst for 3 years before Invisible and enjoys spending time reading about artificial intelligence and researching how it makes life easier. He is proud of being a part of the team and is in Invisible because he enjoys interacting with people from all over the world to learn about different cultures. He looks forward to visiting the United States one day.

Kelvin Kitaka

Kelvin Kitaka is an agent responsible for data extraction in Invisible, before Invisible he was a business developer with 3 years of experience! One of his proudest achievements was being a student council president in his college days. In his spare time, he helps in coaching rugby and tries to spare some time mentoring others. Fun fact about Kelvin is he loves meritocracy and it’s one of the reasons he joined Invisible. He looks forward to becoming a black belt in Kenpo!

Karlo Imperial

Karlo Imperial is responsible for list management, lead generation and data clean up in Invisible, before Invisible, he was a payroll business analyst for 2.5 years and then transitioned to an investment financial representative for 1 year. Aside from his diverse work experience, he is proud of having been able to pay off the house that he purchased! Karlo is a family man who always makes sure that he has time and is able to provide for them. He’s in Invisible because he recognized that Invisible doesn't just hire people, Invisible helps you build your career. Karlo looks forward to being able to travel again, to experience new things and meet new people!

Joshua Otieno

Joshua Otieno is an agent operator responsible for lead generation and Linkedin outreach. Before Invisible, he graduated university with a telecommunications degree. What’s special about Joshua is that he defeated cancer and is a cancer survivor! He finds community work and volunteering to be very important and works in Invisible because of the diversity, and ability to work remotely. What he looks forward to in the future is to achieve financial freedom and happiness and to become a network engineer.

Joshua Omote

Joshua Omote is student working part time as an agent responsible for menu extraction in Invisible, he is currently studying agronomy. He is proud of having helped his mum's business grow. A lesson that he has learnt from that is “that movement doesn’t always equal progression and stillness doesn’t always equal regression”. He finds that being honest and fulfilling your promises are important, he’s in Invisible because a friend introduced him and he felt like the company was a good fit for him. “I'm still new but I'm learning and excited to see where the future takes me in Invisible”.

Jonathan Foti

Jonathan Foti is an agent responsible for extracting menus in Invisible, before that, he was a field ranger in an anti-poaching unit. He was very proud of becoming an operations manager. Family is very important to him, he cares about them a lot, especially his daughter. He joined Invisible because he saw the opportunity for growth in the company and wanted to be a part of making it happen. He looks forward to becoming financially secure for him and his family.

John Muthoni

John Muthoni is an operator in Invisible responsible for data entry, lead generation, and web scraping, before Invisible John worked as a loss prevention officer. He left an 8 to 5 job to work in the remote work industry, giving him more control over his own time, he says that “it is among the proudest moves that I’ve made”. John loves to drive and watch rally cars in his spare time. John describes working at Invisible “has given me the opportunities to explore the world and also the flexibility of working from anywhere”.

Jailein Lem-ew

Jailein Lem-ew is responsible for scoping, admin tasks, and data formatting in Invisible, before Invisible, she was a teacher that taught English as a second language. She has a son and uses her experiences teaching to nurture her son as best as she can! She looks forward to be able to travel around the world to experience different cultures in the future.

Irshad Kadri

Irshad Kadri is responsible for menu extraction for the delivery vertical. before Invisible, he worked as an administrator. He is in Invisible because Invisible allows him to channel his talents in a way that allows him to grow, he enjoys the opportunity to keep learning new things. He looks forward to growing alongside Invisible.

Hildah Azangalala

Hildah Azangalala is responsible for routing, scoping, and quality assurance in Invisible, before Invisible Hildah was a virtual assistant and student. She is a proud law school graduate who recently got her bar. Something personally important to her is taking care of her 2 pets, her dog Tokyo, and her cat Zuki. She joined Invisible because he likes the transparent work environment and the consistent growth Invisible provides, both professionally and personally. She looks forward to continuing her career in law, she plans to one day own a law firm that advocates human rights.

Grace Wanjiku

Grace Wanjiru is responsible for web searching and lead generation in Invisible. Before Invisible, she was a pre-sales engineer for 3 years in a startup! She is passionate in helping others and buys acres of land to dedicate her time to serve her community. She is in Invisible because she loves technology and thinks Invisible gives her an opportunity to grow and learn. She looks forward to growing more and flattening the learning curve.

Grace Mumo

Grace Mumo is responsible for data entry and enrichment , file management, and executive support as well as balancing her responsibility as iron man. She worked as an Intern in one of the Embassies/High Commissions in Kenya before Invisible. She thinks that mentoring young people is very important and prioritizes family and friends. She joined Invisible because she thinks that it is a great place to work in and has created a work opportunity for many unemployed people from all over the world. She looks forward to achieving her goals and ticking things off her bucket list.

Faizan Anwar

Faizan Anwar is a router, scoper, operator, QA, and project manager for Invisible. Before Invisible, he was an accountant for a Cancer Society! One of his proudest accomplishments was to be the first in his family to own a car, and one of the things personally important to him is praying. Faizan is a family man and a religious person.

Erol Maksud

Erol Maksud is a QA agent on Invisible’s Data and Admin team, responsible for quality assurance on other agents work and working on a bigger/more complex projects, before Invisible, he was a systems administrator. He is proud of having brought in new clients and enticing them to increase their monthly subscriptions to Invisible as a result of his hard work and impressive results! He enjoys spending time with his family and two kids, travelling, exploring new places and reading/upgrading his skills. He is in Invisible because he likes the work culture, working with people from all around the world and building a big community. He looks forward to constant improvement.

Eglyne Machu

Eglyne Machu is responsible for social media management in Invisible, before Invisible, she was a research analyst. She is proud to have started an advanced course in SPSS and loves spending quality time with her family. She is works at Invisible because she enjoys working freelance and she looks forward to one day owning a bouse.

Edmund Congo

Edmund Congo is an agent in Invisible responsible for data entry and admin tasks, before Invisible Edmund was a system administrator for four years. Edmund is most proud of having graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science. One of the most important things to Edmund is living a healthy, happy, peaceful life. Edmund joined Invisible because he recognized Invisible as a startup with robust growth that he wanted to experience firsthand. He looks forward to the virtual work environment taking over white collar jobs.

Donatus Kamau

Donatus Kamau is an operator at Invisible technologies working in the Data and Admin team. His responsibilities include data transformation, lead generation and running workflows for Invisible’s clients within their systems.

Dillon Jost

Dillon Jost is responsible for leading a team for new menu extractions, extracting new menus, and quality assurance in Invisible. Before Invisible, he worked at Micros South Africa as a technician and a database administrator. Fun fact about Dillon is that he was on the panel desk as an analyst for Comicon South Africa's Counter-Strike GO tournament! He finds constant growth and improvement to be very important and strives to become the best version of himself. He works at Invisible because he loves the work, the environment and the people! He looks forward to ,moving to Germany and living a fantastic life with his wife!

David Njoki

David Njoki is responsible for operating, QAing and leading a small group of operators. Before Invisible, he was a freelancer at Upwork and he is proud of the fact that he pays his own bills without depending on anyone else. It is important for him to lead small teams and he’s at Invisible because he loves what he does because of the growth he experiences at invisible. He looks forward to getting to know every person in Invisible.

Daniel Rist

Daniel Rist is an Operational Lead for the Menu Building Team. His responsibilities vary from making sure that all operators in his team have a proper understanding on how to run their daily tasks as well as delegating and structuring work flows and requirements from clients and tutoring and coaching all members of the team to maximize their efficiency. He is an experienced project manager with more than 15+ years of experience in logistics and IT and an accomplished business lead with management experience of 5+ years. He is very proud of his experiences in the Middle East, where he was able to generate profit and capture a massive client during a difficult time. He is also proud of being able to experience managing a diversity of people on different continents. His biggest achievement is his family! The top 4 things in his life are family, integrity, honesty and teamwork. “This might sound like a cliche, but generically, you can only be as good as your team is”. He joined Invisible because “at Invisible, with people like Kamron and the whole team, you know that your voice is heard, that you can make a change and that everything can be achieved, as long as everyone is in sync. A cohesion of the knowledge of the world in a company of 150+ people.”

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is part of the Operation team, responsible for, ensuring all tasks are well received (complete instructions and goals set), efficient execution and flawless delivery. Chris is a veteran in the BPO game, with 8 years of experience in the industry, his specialty is escalations and quality. One of his proudest accomplishments was getting into Invisible! He says that “all things considered, this is by far the best thing that has happened to me!”. Aside from his work, his pride and joy is his family, this family man enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible. He says that he’s in Invisible because “there’s no place I’d rather be”, and looks forward to the success of the company, he truly believes in Invisible!

Carlo Guison

Carlo Guison does lead generation and admin support for Invisible, before Invisible he was a manager. He is very proud of his ability to lick his elbows. He finds punctuality to be very important and works at Invisible because it’s fun! He looks forward to the future of remote based jobs. A fun fact about him is that he has a tattoo of the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

Brighton Ooko

Brighton Ooko is responsible for scoping, team management , QAing and ensuring client communication is seamless. Before Invisible, Brighton was a freelance web programmer and search engine optimizer! Aside from his tech prowess, one of his greatest accomplishments in life was being able to build a house from land that he purchased for his family :). As if it wasn’t enough to show how much he cares about his family, he says that he finds family as the most important thing in life. Brighton is in the company because he loves the company ethics and culture in Invisible. He also enjoys freelance work because it allows him to be around his family more and spend more time with them.

Arnold Bundotich

Arnold Bundotich operates on delegations sent in by clients and scopes out some of the delegations that need to be operated by an operator as well as a bit of training to operators on specific delegations that he is an expert in for Invisible. Before Invisible, heI was a technical officer and a planetarium presenter! He graduated with a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Fun fact - he survived a near death experience! He joined Invisible because he wants to help people solve problems and to make the world a better place. He looks forward to Invisible becoming a billion-dollar company (and humans landing on Mars).

Alfred Ondieki

Alfred Ondieki is an operator in Invisible with over 5 years of experience in data entry and management. He is responsible for data enrichment, lead generation, web research, and data entry in Invisible. Before Invisible he worked in an AI company as a team lead. He is proud of having built his own retirement home! In his spare time Alfred tries to encourage/speak about the future of AI. He’s in Invisible because he respects the company’s work ethics and freedom. He looks forward to growing professionally alongside Invisible.

Adam Azura

Adam Azura is an operator at Invisible. He was an onboard demi-Chef de Partie before Invisible and has visited more than 24 countries! He thinks the top 3 most important things in life are knowledge, attitude and integrity and these impact the way he approaches life. He joined Invisible because he wanted to try something new, to experience something totally different from what he’s been doing for the past 4 years. He looks forward to being proud and satisfied of his accomplishments.

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There's a guest bot-columnist. #GPT-3
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There's a guest bot-columnist. #GPT-3