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Your marketplace exists to make it easier for people to find and get what they're looking for. We make it easier for you to do what you do best. We can run custom processes for any of your buyers, sellers, or third party partners, executing simple decisions at impossible speed and scale.
Improve your supplier to buyer ratio
Get the search to fill rate right
Conquer time to fill
Increase your utilization rate

Here are some custom processes we run for clients.

Actual work! blurred for confidentiality. Also, we're serious about security.

Dispute billing with a 3 hour turnaround time.

600 PPL

Check website for inventory accuracy 3x / day


Check website for inventory accuracy 3x / day


Find the best provider to back your security deposit.


Clients apply our processes to their needs

There are seven top services we offer. Huzzah.

List Building

Build a lead list, a talent list, or any other list that will unlock value for your business.


Define what you'd like to learn about and where to put the information. We'll do the rest.

Data Transformation

Got menus? Properties? Claims? Testing sites? Handyman listings? Let us bring the outside into your internal systems.

List Tagging

Sort a list. Rank a list. Enrich the data of a list. Bring a list, leave with a deliverable.


Some convos need more than an app. Workshare sophisticated comms sequences or judgment based scheduling.


Go ahead. Try to surprise us with a real-life unicorn of a delegation.

Workflow Testing

Test new workflows before you decide to buy, build, or workshare. Try out new things before pouring concrete.

We can help

Apply these to your business wherever you need bandwidth. That could be marketplace ops, sales, product, network operations, etc.

Housing Marketplace

An ambitious Series B housing startup is solving the problems of affordable housing and loneliness at once. They make single family homes great places for single roommates to live in eleven of America’s fastest growing cities. Residents enjoy beautiful homes, built-in services (like lawn care), vetted roommates, flexible leases, and hip neighborhoods, at prices far lower than living in a single unit on your own. For landlords? They guarantee payment, occupancy, and a higher price. The hard part? Finding a scalable way to choose properties.

Before Invisible, account executives spent 2hours a day building inventory of properties, not including management time. Now,Invisible helps generate hundreds of leads each day, while account managers direct their efforts to more complex tasks. The team, who has tried other outsourcing services, said we stood out for responsiveness, price, and speed.


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Research & List Building: the last good thing on the internet may be finding brilliant modern artists.
The world of fine art could once only be discovered by people with access to Chelsea galleries and the will to hone their own tastes. Our customer makes it possible for the average person to discover and collect fine art online, boasting a gallery of nearly 1 million pieces, tagged by their attributes. That’s a lot of art to find, and a lot of data to manage.

Invisible helps the team find artists, build and clean databases of inventory, and tag art such that digital patrons and students alike can find works of art they love. Before Invisible, the team tried using crowdwork platforms and outsourcing services but neither quite worked. Since Invisible, the team has been able to launch wholly new initiatives.

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