Worksharing for growth stage tech
Because whether you're in fintech, healthtech, or martech, there's a lot to organize.

Scale simple decisions

You just got investment. You're at that stage of growth where you're considering BPO - or maybe you're utilizing freelancers. But...isn't there something more efficient? Yea. It's us.
Leverage your data science team
Scale customer acquisition
Power sales operations
Increase your utilization rate

Here are some custom processes we run for clients.

Actual work! blurred for confidentiality. Also, we're serious about security.

We found 20K people / day for a whitelabel recruitment product

600 PPL

We turned 9,000 instagram ads into SMS contacts


Check website for inventory accuracy 3x / day


We scrape 5,000 keywords / day for a discovery company.


Clients apply our processes to their needs

There are seven top services we offer. Huzzah.

List Building

Build a lead list, a talent list, or any other list that will unlock value for your business.


Define what you'd like to learn about and where to put the information. We'll do the rest.

Data Transformation

Got menus? Properties? Claims? Testing sites? Handyman listings? Let us bring the outside into your internal systems.

List Tagging

Sort a list. Rank a list. Enrich the data of a list. Bring a list, leave with a deliverable.


Some convos need more than an app. Workshare sophisticated comms sequences or judgment based scheduling.


Go ahead. Try to surprise us with a real-life unicorn of a delegation.

Workflow Testing

Test new workflows before you decide to buy, build, or workshare. Try out new things before pouring concrete.

We can help

Apply these to your business wherever you need bandwidth. That could be marketplace ops, sales, product, network operations, etc.

Housing Marketplace

An ambitious Series B housing startup is solving the problems of affordable housing and loneliness at once. They make single family homes great places for single roommates to live in eleven of America’s fastest growing cities. Residents enjoy beautiful homes, built-in services (like lawn care), vetted roommates, flexible leases, and hip neighborhoods, at prices far lower than living in a single unit on your own. For landlords? They guarantee payment, occupancy, and a higher price. The hard part? Finding a scalable way to choose properties.

Before Invisible, account executives spent 2hours a day building inventory of properties, not including management time. Now,Invisible helps generate hundreds of leads each day, while account managers direct their efforts to more complex tasks. The team, who has tried other outsourcing services, said we stood out for responsiveness, price, and speed.


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Outreach makes it easier for employers to care for employee health
A behavioral health technology company created a platform that gives employers the power to invest in employee health. Their outcomes are impressive: users lose weight, quit smoking, even show statistically significant mental health improvements. The operational challenges? Scaling user engagement inside companies and growing sales operations.

Before Invisible, the growth team at this Series B company used a mix of disparate sales and marketing tools to to handle user acquisition and sales development. With Invisible’s support, they’ve managed scaled outreach campaigns (think 30K users) and they’ve doubled their sales team’s capacity, without growing headcount.

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