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We're the future of your legacy systems.

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Invisible is for ambitious industry leaders. Here's how we can help.

Here's how we help.

The insurance industry is notorious for painstaking workflows that require lots of detailed and formulaic fact-checking that a machine could do — if only it was so simple to scope roles for the machines. And to train them. In the meanwhile, if your best people are shuffling documents from client emails and into legacy systems, we can help.

We've supported underwriting teams, claims teams, and policy management teams alike. Our core strength is to execute your workflows just like you would. For example, we follow an 80+ page policy manual for one of our clients which leaves us navigating some 30 decision trees to ensure that work is ready for underwriters.

Highlights from the year:

10 hours back each week for client-facing work
6xed the efficacy of an underwriting team
Executed 6,808 mortgage change requests last year

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Client Experience

I've always wanted something as flexible as Mechanical Turk, but capable of more complex tasks. Invisible is a dream come true.

Hugo Liu
Chief Data Scientist, Artsy

By letting Invisible take on repeated but nuanced tasks, we are able to focus our resources on actions that might drive a higher ROI.

Alex Immel
Admissions Manager, Pathrise

You're almost like a verb in our company. Any time someone tells me no or it can't be done, I'm like we'll just put Invisible on it, I don't see the problem why don't we 'Invisible it.' "

Brennan Pothetes
Product Innovation, Rhino

Everybody should be using Invisible. They have sped up processes across my life and my company by assistant Bucky is my favorite person.

Eva Sadej
CEO, Medbar

Without Invisible, we wouldn’t be able to respond so quickly to new client demands.

Olivier Zimmer
Cofounder, Spate

I trust Indiana Jones to keep my data organized so I can...make data-driven decisions about the communities and networks I'm creating... Frankly, it would be impossible otherwise.

Daisy Onubogu
Head of Network, Backed VC

Like having unlimited interns at your fingertips. Their accuracy and attention to detail is what makes them our choice for outsourced labor.

Darlene Byrne
Director of Marketing, Powur
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